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Used Strapping machin

Strapping machines MOSCA RF / P1-2 / RO-TR600-4 used machine This is machines to a packaging system consisting of from three Mosca. Description the machines takes place in the order of their work, how they are arranged on the first image, starting with the strapping machine of type: RF Properties < b >: < / b > * Length: 850mm * Overall width: 900 mm * Table width: 800 mm * Height: 1360 mm * Color: Blue * Material: Steel < b > the following machine of the types: P1-2 Properties: < / b > * Length: 1000mm * Overall width: 1300 mm * Table width: 540 mm * Height: 2100 mm * Color: Blue * Material: Steel < b > at the end of the type: RO Properties: < / b > * Length: 1260mm * Overall width: 1500 mm * Table width: 600 mm * Height: 1700 mm * Color: Blue * Material: Steel Description < b >: < / b > * Integration into any possible processing line * Drives of the unit in a DC system with wear-free direct drives * Expandable, directly driven transport systems with frequency control * PLC control Siemens type S7 * Touch panel for optical control guidance and on goat of machine functions, alarms, meter readings, etc. * To maturation distances via touch panel adjustable * Hot wedge welding system with electronic heating regulation in 24 V technology * Fully automatic strap Threading * Bandene-query with rest eject * Automatic eject ring false activation * Wear-free, controlled belt tracking * Potential-free contacts to upstream and downstream equipment The transported material is brought by the centering unit RF on an exact position. The Längsumreifungsmodul P1-2 introduces the containers or cartons, the strapping will be taken. After passing band is there down and welded. The often proven Umreifer RO-TR600-4. strapped after single or multiple. The strapped container or box is passed to the subsequent conveyor. Advantage of the route is conveyed must not be implemented, but is edited to be fluent in a line.

  • Manufacturer MOSCA
  • Model RF / P1-2 / RO-TR600-4
  • Category Packaging machines, Strapping machines

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  • Manufacturer MAN
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