The Used 2002 PROTECH PT 7 RADIUS FORMER [DM-010493] in United States has been sold. --- We found you similar items below:

Used 2002 RFS PT-7 RF

Used RFS-Protech PT-7 Radius Forming Clamp ProTech radius formers are the modern way to fabricate curved laminates such as arched headers and radiused mouldings for windows and doors. Utilizing their patented technology they eliminate the traditional method of building and storing wooden forms. The PT-7 radius former uses a series of machined tails supporting dual sets of aluminum arms, which are adjusted to define the pattern to be fabricated. The provided computer program is used to set-up parameters. The software guides the user through a series of questions (shape diameter, springback, etc) that geometrically define the pattern. The software then calculates the exact position for each aluminum arm and generates a printout to aid the operator in manually positioning the arms. The laminates (veneers) are clamped to the form arms with a series of 32 specially designed pnuematic clamps. Compressed air at presssures up to 150 PSI is connected to the clamp via a quick disconnect. Additional details New Replacement cost $40,000 Approx. Year Mfg: 2002

  • Manufacturer RFS
  • Model PT-7
  • Category Clamps, Frame clamps