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Used 2006 Lockformer

Cleveland Motion CNC Control, Hypertherm HPR130

  • Manufacturer Lockformer Vulcan
  • Model 3100 72" X 240" Hy-Definition Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Category Fabricating machinery, Cnc plasma cutting machines

2013 Sector Technology / Praxair Pro Star PSR 500HD CNC Oxy-fuel / Plasma Plate Cutting & Bevelling Machine Machine Specifications: Overall Dimensions 15 ft Wide x 48 ft Long Plate Cut Area 12 ft x 40 ft. BOSCH REXROTH AC Brushless Dual Side Drives (1) Hypertherm HyDefinition Plasma HPR400 XD (1) Harris Oxy-fuel torch w/Victor regulators Tucked Rail Design for easy loading of plate with forklift Hypertherm Edge Pro CNC Control w/ ProStar Easy Nest Software Roto Bevel Station Laser Pointer for plate alignmentComponents: Plasma Roto Bevel Head 5-Axis Contour Bevel Head Capable of V,X,Y, and K bevels Variable angles from -45° to +45° Unlimited Rotation Pro Nest 2012 Roto Bevel SoftwareHypertherm Hy-Definition Plasma HPR 400 30 - 400 process amps Arc Voltage Height Control CNC Automated Gas Control Interface Break-Away Torch Mounting and Collision DetectionWater Table: 13 ft x 41 ft (2) Zones with water level controlMachine is broken down and crated - Can be viewed but not under power. $1,000 fee for loading at site.2013 Sector Technology / Praxair Pro Star PSR 500HD CNC Oxy-fuel / Plasma Plate Cutting & Bevelling Machine

  • Manufacturer SECTOR TECHNOLOGY
  • Model PRAXAIR PRS 500 HD
  • Category Welding & plasma
Used 2009 AKS Dura Ku

FEATURES: (3) Plasma Heads (2) Oxey Heads w/ Tilt Option Equipped With: AKS Dura-Kut CNC Controller PC-Based with Windows XP Operating System Intel Processor, 2.4 GHz Easy Download of Cut Programs Over Network Connection, Memory Stick, CD/DVD, Floppy Disk & 5 USB ports Oxy Tip Crash Detector Micro Edge (3) HPR 260 Hypertherm High Definition Plasma Units Dry Table w/ Vacumn & Torit Dust Collector Total Dust & Slag Recovery System Tilt Option for Bevel Cutting on Oxey Heads Etching Option for Aluminum

  • Manufacturer
  • Model Dura Kut
  • Category Flame cutting cnc
Used 2007 10' x 23' K

Equipped With: 2 Plasma Torches, HT4001 and HPR260 HyDefinition Voyager III CNC Control 15" LCD Screen MTC ProNest Software Hypertherm HT 4001 Water-Injection System 340 AMP oxygen capability to provide clean, fast production cutting of mild steel up to 1-1/4" thick with no dross under most conditions. 400 AMPS for Nitrogen cutting. Slave H401 Power Supply with Water Chiller, Expands output to 760 AMP. Hypertherm HyPerformance HPR260 HyDefinition Power Source Water Table 123" x 255", Pneumatic Raise and Lower Water Level. Y-Axis Drive Rail and H-Beam Package Motorized Plasma Torch Station, Master Carriage Sensor THC Torch Height Control Collision Detection Mount (5) HPR 260 Quick Disconnect Torch Heads Gas Manifold System In 2007 sold new for $291,500 for the basic machine and then they purchase gas manifold , compressor and more that is all included with this system. Estimated total hours about 200. Not under power. Removed from specialty metals company. 30 day return privilege.

  • Manufacturer KOIKE ARONSON
  • Model MGM 3100
  • Category Flame cutting equipment, Plasma
Used 2014 Advanced Ro

HDP (HIGH DEFINITION PLASMA) 7500 CNC Plasma Profile Table ? * 6250mm X 2500 Work Area ? * Hypertherm HPR 260XD plasma power system (Will pierce 50mm & Etch start 64mm Plate) ? * Auto Gas Console with “True Hole” Enabled ? * Plasma Etching/ Marking Enabled ? * 6 Months Warranty Remaining ? * LCD Touch Screen Controller ? * Cat3 Safety Circuit ? * High Torque Encoded Servo Drive Motors ? * Precision Planetary Gearboxes & Helical Drive Rack ? * Travelling Dross Trough for Downdraft Extraction ? * Remote Machine and Software Support ? * ToolShop Auto Nesting & Toolpath Software Package ? * Air Dryer & Booster System ? * 3 x Harris Gas Regulators [Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon] ? * Alignment Laser with Digitizing Function ? * Wireless Hand Held Pendant Controller ? * 10 HP Fume Extraction Fan ? * 6m of 300mm Ducting & 2 90deg Elbows ? * Auto-Start Link from Controller to Extraction Fan ? * Consumables Pack * Can Deliver Australia Wide * NEW Price for this unit is $225,000 + GST with a 4 Month wait * This machine is in as new condition and has hardly worked (100hrs maximum) mainly 16 - 20mm Plate. * Don't miss this rare opportunity to purchase this "AS NEW MACHINE" * Price is $170,000 + GST ONO. * Please call Jason anytime on 0400...496...935.

  • Manufacturer Advanced Robotic Technology
  • Model HDP7500
  • Category Cutting equipment, Plasma cutter
Used 2007 W.A. Whitne

WHITNEY 4400 MAX 100 Ton CNC Punch/Plasma Fabricating Center Equipped With: Fanuc 180iP CNC Control 16-Station Tool Changer Retractable Work Clamps Hypertherm HPR 260 Plasma Cutting System Slug and Slag Conveyor Automatic Small Part Removal System Drill With Tap Head Attachment Dust Collector Misc. Tooling & Holders NOTE: Inspect Under Power In Plant View Video On Our Website

  • Manufacturer W.A. Whitney
  • Model 4400 MAX
  • Category Punches, Punches, single station cnc