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Used 2009 Acometis So

Solarko - Sand Acometis 5m3 + 5000L The maximum amount of material : 5m3 + 5000L Year hakowca frame 2009 ( the machine itself I am not able to determine ) Dimensions of container 600x230x165 Method of administration of material: snail + shredder screw construction: Steel frame + load bin INOX Drive : own , Lombardini engine equipment: - Frame for hooklift - Brine tank 5000L (steel ) - interest - Lighting - driver - a sieve - barriers - ladders Description: The spreader consists of a frame with gearbox load-carrying capacity of 5m3 with possibility of extension . Crushed or chemicals are broken up by a series of vanes mounted shaft breaking and transported by the screw to the unit and onto the seed made ​​of materials corrosion resistant materials. The regular sale of municipal machines have several dozen such as Solarko - Sand , plows and mowers . We invite you to cooperation.

  • Manufacturer Acometis
  • Model Acometis Solarko – Piaskarka ACOMETIS 5m3 + 5000L
  • Category Grounds care, Utility machines

This is a used Magnum, Build date September 2012 and sold new in October 2013, it has only worked 589 hours.The Magnum has an added feature other models don't have - it loads itself. Its 25 ton box can be loaded continuously with dump trucks, live floor transfer trucks, or ejector trucks. By using the radio remote controller, loads can transfer from haul truck to Magnum in just a couple of minutes while the Magnum keeps spreading. Able to throw material over 100 feet at rates of 4 tons per minute or fill a utility trench at over 1 foot per second, this is the ultimate piece of equipment for highway work and pipelines.SAVES MATERIALBecause the material goes from the haul truck directly into the Magnum, it is not contaminated or lost on the ground. When filling a trench, the cruise control creep drive is engaged and now the Magnum delivers a consistent volume of material per foot and eliminates the waste of overfilling and the additional labor needed to "top up" the low spots. It is right the first time in one pass.SAVES LABORA single operator can accurately spread gravel, soil, or sand. He can bed and backfill a trench with no need for anyone to spot for him or be in the trench leveling the material. The single operator and a Magnum can replace 4 other workers.Click here to view video>

  • Manufacturer WHC
  • Model magnam
  • Category Road construction, Gravel spreaders
Used vertical sand mi

16 gal kofama mk60s vertical stock #u771v-1. machine has reported capacity per hour depending on product 120-700 litres/hour. Temperature range of work - from 45-50 celsjii degree. Cooling water consumption 500-1500 litres/hour. Rotor has rotation speed 720 rpm, and is driven by 20kw ex proof electric motor. Machine is able work on products with density from 50-2000 cp. Weight of machine 2190 kg. location: perry poland warehouse

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  • Model
  • Category Mills, Sand mills

CMS BREMBANA Maxima & Antea Granite Shop (ONE-MAN-BAND).Less than 3,000 Working hours!!This TOTAL SHOP is a Hands Off Fab Shop. Brand new this was approx. $1,000,000 and a few years later, it still has the ability to cut work hours and man hours dramatically.2005 CMS / BREMBANA ANTEA CNC Automatic Bridge Saw:Motor Specs: 30 HP (22 kW) Main Motor, Direct Drive to Blade; Rotating Head tilts 0° to 90°.Blade & Stroke Specs: 28.5� (725 mm) Dia. blade cap.; 9.84� (250 mm) Cutting Depth. 1.96� (50 mm) Dia. Spindle arbor; 8.26� (210 mm) Blade Flange. 141.73� (3,600 mm) Cutting Stroke. 15.75� (400 mm) Vertical Stroke; 787 IPM (20,000 mm/Min) Adjustable Blade Speed.Table Specs: 130� X 63� (3,300 X 1,600 mm) Table Dimensions; Rotates,tilts and locks at all 90° increments.Controls and Software: CMS “EASYCUT� Software. PC OFFICE with 15� TFT Monitor; CPU 400MHz - 16Mb RAM. MECATROLINK Axes control.EASYCUT Software: Import part DXF Files, Layout and generate at controls also. Import photographs with “VIRTUAL SLAB�. Set limits automatically.Other ANTEA Features: Protective Coverings (STAINLESS STEEL). Electronic control of electrical movements. Bridge and Table have been thermically treated, sand-blasted and painted to insure their long term durability.BREMBANA MAXIMA Double Table Y7000 CNC Machining Center:MAXIMA CNC Specs: 4-Axis CNC has 18 HP (13.5 kW) Router Spindle for up to 15,000 RPM.Axis Stroke Specs: (X) 141.73� (3,600 mm); (Y) 275.6� (7,000 mm); (Z) 15.74� (600 mm) and C-Axis is 360° continuous. X-, Y- and Z-Axis with Slide Guides to assure maximum rigidity and precision. Key parts made from stainless steel for longevity.SPINDLE Specs: 0 - 15,000 RPM at 18 HP. Spindle able to tilt 0° to 0.3° relative to Z-Axis.Table Info: (2) 137.79� X 102.36� (3,500 mm x 2,600 mm) Aluminum Tables.Vacuum Specs: (2) 75 cbm/Hr PUMPS.MAXIMA Controls & Software info: CMS “EASYSTONE� CAD/CAM; GE FANUC 180i-B Controller; comes with a built in PC with WINDOWS. Also has a Floppy Disk Drive 1.44 MB, a Color 10.4� LCD screen; Ethernet board plus a built in “Battery Buffer�; features Tool wear (consumption).MAXIMA CNC Accessories: (50) ISO 40 Tool Holders. One SPINDLE extension. Pre-Setting device. (18) Pneumatic devices. (36) Suction cups. Overhead Laser for POD placement.CMS BREMBANA MAXIMA CNC Technical Data. 400 V, 3-Ph, 50/60 Hz. 13.2 Gal/Min external tool cooling and 4 gas/Min internal tool cooling water consumption. PHOTO SLAB TABLE UNDERCUT SAW for RODS Automated SLAB ROLLERS (Motorized conveyers) and SLAB Flipper to make Fabrication a one man outfit.What are some of the benefits of having an AUTOMATED LINE: Reduce manpower and increase your bottom line. A more consistent (production cost). Production can be schedualled more efficiently. Maintain a consistent product (no more un-matched seams).

  • Manufacturer CMS/BREMBANA
  • Model MAXIMA & ANTEA
  • Category Stone machinery
Used Mobile B53 Drill

Mobile B53 drill rig Mounted on a Wilco built swamp carrier equipment crawler (big tracks for soft mud and sand formations) This unit is completely new except for the platoons, mask and three winches. New engines, new pressure compensated hydraulic pumps, new hoses, new 140/300 auto hammer, new hydraulic valves, new Fraste double breakout clamps, new monyo 3L8 mud pump, rebuilt rotary head, new decking, new tracks. This unit is balanced so you can take it apart to be able to float. Great Drill Rig for the Southern Regions of the USA, Swamps, Soft Mud, and Sand Formations). 15' ft Wide FOB: S.W. Region, USA

  • Manufacturer Mobile
  • Model B53 Drill Rig
  • Category Drill rigs, Truck mounted

Double sided machine with (1) one side fully equipped. The machine is out of operation for quite a time and is now dry stored in warehouse. It was initially used to sand wooden wine boxes but since order income was slow the machine was not used very much (total working hours 150 !!!) and finally was sold to us. It comes with a complete sound insulated housing - see pictures. DELLE VEDOVE, Model "LBD 10 + 10" All aggregates inverter controlled - able to do lacquer sanding; 2 x pre copy aggregatestotal (4) sanding aggregates - can be mounted on both sides 2 x surface sanding; 2 x edge & profile sanding. Able to sand 250 mm highFree aggregate holders; Tech details see attached frequency controlled drive; full sound insulating cabinet; has been used to make wooden cases working width 200 mm to 1,000 mm, profile height: 90 mm Feed speed 40 MPM (131 FPM); weight 8,000 kG (17,600 Lbs).

  • Manufacturer DELLE VEDOVE
  • Model
  • Category Wood