• Water separators Euskan

    No price - Myre, Norway

      water separators euskan designed for separating excess water from a stream of fish and water. it is uses at the fish farms and on the ships. during passing the water stream with fish excess water i...

    • Vacuum system Euskan VSB 250 M

      No price - Myre, Norway

        model: vsb 250 m fish transfer capacity: life fish up to 2 kg tank capacity: 250 l (stainless steel) max. total head: 8 m compressor: 4 kw- 50 hz power supply: 3 x 400 v 50 hz water supply: 5 - 8 l...

      • Myre Bulk feederRelated goods

        No price - Myre, Norway

          condition: good, working 1. bulk-feeder   capacity: 6 m3 lifting  high: 2500 mm dimensions (lxwxh): 6000 x 1600 x 2900 mm 2. bulk-feeder capacity: 2 m3 lifting high: 2200 mm dimensions (lxwxh): ...

        • Bulk feeder

          No price - Myre, Norway

            condition: working lifting height: 1900 mm belt width: 347 mm capacity(in volume): approx. 1,5 m3 inside dimensions (lxwxh): 2000 x 1500 x 600 mm outside dimentions (lxwxh): 3500 x 1540 x 2100 mm h...

          • Bulk feeders Melbu

            No price - Myre, Norway

              1.        standard melbu bulk dimensions: length - 2300 mm, width - 1600 mm, bulk body high - 1000 mm conveyor width: 600 mm carrier high: 100 mm distance between carrier: 400 mm max high unloadin...

            • Pipeline collectors

              No price - Myre, Norway

                pipeline collectors designed for a pumping live fish to a long distance. a collector is connected to a vacuum fishpump with two tanks. it directs the fish stream by the pipeline. collectors are equ...

              • Stationary device for suction

                No price - Myre, Norway

                  stationary device for suction (12") 300 mm is install on the end of a pumping pipeline. the turning platform allows it to turn to 360 degrees device rotation is provided by manual control gear lift...

                • 2009 Krone EASY CUT 280 CV

                  $4,778 - Norway
                  • Manufacturer: Krone

                  krone easy cut 2800 cv q slÅmaskin. country: norway | division: farm equipment

                • 1999 Tellefsdal 1510 RUNDBALLEPAKKER

                  $4,165 - Stokke, Norway
                  • Manufacturer: Tellefsdal

                  hel and grei packages. packages big balls also (180)!

                • 2007 JF M800 Pro

                  $7,689 - Årdal, Norway
                  • Manufacturer: JF-STOLL

                  gather rake for sale 8m working width good tires please contact us for financing offers and price on shipping!