• 2008 Eurosilo Model SPF28/DE - 40 ton Transportable Low-Level Silos

    $32,782 - Buckingham, United Kingdom Recently Added

      complete with rear mounted filtration unit, roof mounted inspection hatch and relief valve, rear mounted inspection ladder, roof mounted inspection rail with kicker bar, 180º slewing and fully adju...

    • Upright CementSilo

      $15,791 - Buckingham, United Kingdom Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Up-Right

      complete with 6.5 metre long x 198 mm discharge auger, air-operated discharge butterfly valve, 6 x air entraining pads, air operated pinch valve, full set of inspection ladders, top safety rail and...

    • 2008 Caterpillar 311C u

      $36,221 - United Kingdom
      • Manufacturer: Caterpillar
      • Model: 311C U

      caterpillar 311c u 13 tonnes track excavator 3830hrs year 2008 all in good order. for more details please phone olivier on 0044 1673 885 200, or mobile phone 0044 7831 240 000. ... website ... we a...

    • 1997 Marston BT12

      $7,219 - United Kingdom
      • Manufacturer: Marston

      flatbed trailer, turntable, steel floor, three suspended axles axles, hydraulic brakes 10m long, 2.4m wide 1m from the floor, with front and rear ladders. for more details please phone olivier on 0...

    • 2000 Kongskilde germinator 7m

      $5,650 - United Kingdom
      • Manufacturer: Kongskilde

      kongskilde germinator 7m seed bed maker. hydraulic fold to 3m. consist of 1 crumbler packer, 1 leveling board, 5 rows of little spring tines 1 crumbler packer and a row of rotocrat. all in good sou...

    • 1994 Simba 23C 5.4m

      $7,247 - Newtoft, United Kingdom
      • Manufacturer: Simba

      trailed discs 5,4m. built 2007.2.95m transport width,21 discs on front gang and 19 at rear gang. horse power requierement 250/300 .heavy duty. pipe and rear draw bar.the company's c series discs pe...

    • 2004 McConnel 3.5m SHAKAERATOR/ vibrasol

      $4,881 - Newtoft, United Kingdom Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Mcconnel

      used 9 tines mc connel shakerator long tinesg and large tooths packer. complet with hatzenbichler small seed seeder and 900l front tank with fertilizer applicator. for more details please phone oli...

    • 2014 Lemken karat-9 400 KA

      $18,100 - England, United Kingdom
      • Manufacturer: LEMKEN
    • 2013 Larrington harvester

      $15,886 - England, United Kingdom
      • Manufacturer: Larrington

      16t tandem axle trailer with hydraulic tailgate, grain chute, sprung drawbar, rollover sheet ans side ladder on 445r22.5 wheels and tyres. for more details please phone olivier on 0044 1673 885 200...

    • 2000 Kongskilde vibro-master 5m

      $3,620 - England, United Kingdom
      • Manufacturer: Kongskilde