• 1,400 Ltr Alfa Laval Stainless Steel Jacketed Holding Tank #6925

    No price - Lockerbie, United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: Alfa-Laval

    this is a used approx. 1,400 ltr alfa laval stainless steel jacketed holding tank which has 304 grade stainless steel material of construction, currently held in stock at lockerbie, scotland... man...

  • 1995 Alfa Laval 2 x 28.000 l soft cheese silo tanks

    $47,246 - Karlsruhe, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Alfa-Laval
    • Capacity: 28,000 l, insulated

    soft cheese silo tanks alfa laval 2 x 28.000 l used machine a 3 122 2 large quark silos tanks with a content 28,000 l for each one. with a valve knot and mono pump for filling and emptying the silo...

  • Alfa Laval 80000L Stainless Steel Tank

    $22,929 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Alfa-Laval

    alfa laval 80.000l stainless steel tank vertical, with one coat ikhlijv diameter3,50m, height 11m, wall thickness 3,5mm flat bottoms, hatch in back wall internal wall is polished price: 21.000 euro...

  • 1000 liter stainless steel ALFA-LAVAL tank with stirrer.

    $5,239 - Hobro, Denmark Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Alfa-Laval

    1000 liter stainless steel alfa-laval tank. type: bh3-1000. inside goals: diameter: 95cm. length: 153cm. outside goals: diameter: 108cm. length: 200cm. insulation thickness: 65mm. hate.

  • 1997 Alfa Laval 2 Quark 2x15.000 l soft cheese silo tank

    $38,247 - Germany Production standing point Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Alfa-Laval

    soft cheese silo tank alfa laval 2 quark 2x15.000 l used machine a 3 121 2 large quark silos tanks, each tank with 15,000 l with valve knot and mono pump for filling and emptying silo tank 160 15,0...

  • Complete aseptic system alfa laval 12.000 l

    No price - Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Alfa-Laval

    condition: very good !