• Beck Gluing Press - second-hand

    No price - Barntrup, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Beck

    gluing press make beck type matador 1 demonstration machine! built 2011 post and beam press for stair constructions! pressure beams top and adjustable, counter bearing bottom pressure bea...

  • 1991 BECK & ROEHM BHO ZP 1000 Hydraulic Drawing Press

    No price - Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Beck

    1000 to, table 2050 x 1100 mm, stroke 960 mm, daylight 1000 mm, cushion with 8 control loops, in total 200 to/200 mm, automatic loading with oiling device bepty

  • 2015 Beck Maschinenbau Hydro Export Frame Press GmbH

    $17,302 - Krauchenwies, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Beck

    hydro-export > electro hydraulic frame press ideal for manufacturing of windows and doors just set up measurements, insert item, push button … and you receive door frames and wings for windows with...