• 2010 Bergmann Tsw5210

    $54,953 - Lapua, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Bergmann

    now on sale a really nice bergmann top features! the spreading following accessories: dissemination limiter the hydraulically lightened the front axle (additional emphasis on the tractor) michelin ...

  • 2007 Bergmann TSW4190

    $40,041 - Lapua, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Bergmann

    sold maintained functional trolley with good equipment. rotating shaft and automatic lubrication of chains. according to a new spare tire. the base chains and slats renovated in 2015. a good cart y...

  • 1990 Bergman Mig Bergmann

    $3,209 - Budila, Romania
    • Manufacturer: Bergmann

    7 tonnes import netherlands country: romania | division: farm equipment | extra options: vintage, reconditioned | working width: 8.20 feet | drive configuration: trailed