• 2004 BGU SSA 310 Z Sawing and automatic gating

    $11,811 - Wintersingen, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: BGU
    • Hours: 22

    condition: very good very little needed three-point mounting with pto shaft or electric motor conveyor belt 3.8 m hinged gap cross and 6-slit wedge saw blade 750 mm, trunk thickness 300 mm, cutting...

  • 2004 BGU SSA 310 Automat Cutting Splitter Sawing Splitter

    $8,808 - Ermensee, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    not much needed . ready to use from service. oil change and leaf is sharpened. the pictures are still available. the machine was always dry

  • 2004 BGU SSA310 Wood saw / splitting machine Wood saw / splitting machine

    $11,822 - Wintersingen, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: BGU
    • Hours: 19

    condition very good, very little used. three-point attachment, power take-off, electric motor, conveyor belt 3.8m with spreading height 2.6 m, splitting cross 4er, 6er spaltkeil, trunk thickness ma...

  • BGU SSM 250 Z Compact Sawing and splitting machine

    No price - Rohrbach, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    sawing and splitting machine with 700 mm hm blade and 4-way splitter, incl. built-in hydraulic system for drive via joint shaft, incl. three-point suspension

  • 2012 BGU Forstkran

    No price - Ostbevern, Germany
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    sell ​​timber backhoe from the company bgu for the rear attachment to the three-point hydraulics. the crane was bought again in jan. 2012 and very little used. compared to the standard equipment,...

  • BGU 6.5 H Evo Cable winch evolution

    No price - Bieri Landmaschinen GmbH, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    hydraulic 6.5 tons winch compact design, large, robust pole shield compressed rope with high breaking force as standard lower pulley, holder for chainsaw and sappy or ax with or without radio contr...

  • BGU HRZAS180

    $3,141 - Steinheim, Germany
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    equipment: additional equipment. 3-way control block equipment: additional equipment. polterschild 1,50m equipment: additional equipment. rotator 360 degrees [int. no. mx12928 / 9999]

  • BGU SSA 310

    $8,591 - Beelen, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    opening width (cm): 30 firewood automatic ssa 310 evolution. combi-machine with drive from the tractor via an articulated shaft and via electric motor 9 kw7400 v, p1, with electromagnetic control...

  • 2008 BGU Eintrommel 8,5To

    $5,919 - Steinwiesen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    incl. bgu radio system location: at the customer's premises

  • 2013 BGU KSS300

    $3,167 - Niederfeulen, Luxembourg
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    own onboard hydraulics, 6 t. gap pressure, 400v / motor 4 kw, 4 gap gap discharge channel, discharge height up to 1.20m roller conveyor for timber feeding sawmill husqvarna (without chain saw)