• 2001 Eurotecnica 384 Perfect Binder

    No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Binder

    • hot melt s8iu9qs • milling • binding thickness: 2-50 mm

  • 2002 Fastbind r2 practic

    No price - Dabergotz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Fastbind

    fastbind r2 practic is ideal for short and medium book runs a compact binder with big features! if you need an affordable tabletop binder that includes automatic paper fanning, a manual pgo roughen...

  • 1998 Planatol PLANAX TB 380

    No price - Dabergotz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Planatol

    max. 380mm binding length, max. 60mm thick block heating time approximately 15 minutes to 180 copies per hour. the data are mechanically translated in the english language. translation errors are p...

  • 1999 Eurotecnica Euro-bind 436 Matic

    No price - Dabergotz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Eurotecnica

    built in 1999, only 240,000 bond power of 500 copies / hr. back length: min. 120 to max. 430 mm block thickness: min. 2 to max. 60 mm with slot-and fräseinrichtung, abschalbare cutter, the milling ...

  • 2012 Fastbind/Maping Elite XT mit PGO FastBind elite XT adhesive Binder

    $2,914 Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Binder

    fastbind elite xt adhesive binder for hardcover and softcover in the small pad area, with hot melt, to format sra 3. also digital printing can be processed through special back treatment. dvpslq

  • 1997 FKS PUR-Klebebinder Adhesive Binder

    No price
    • Manufacturer: Binder

    fks pur adhesive binder from an authority that is almost as good as new type 600/1 bic mrxnf

  • 2005 C.P.Bourg BB 2008 Perfect Binder C.P.Bourg

    No price - Neuwied, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Binder

    urg 2008: technical data: glue: hot glue temperature: min. 140 c. max. 170 c. warm-up time: approximately 25 minutes back thickness: min. 15blatt max 40 mm book size: min. 60 x 100 mm (offline) blo...

  • 1997 Planax F II Perfect binder

    No price - Emmelshausen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Binder

    hеated cancel angle mobile table paper dust extraction slot- and routing teeth tools very clean and in top conditions