• ZEISS Stiefelmayer 1000 x 2000 mm 3D coordinate measuring machine # 13499

    No price - Wiefelstede, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Zeiss

    3d coordinate measuring machine, 3d coordinate measuring instrument, sample, sample, sample 3d, probe tip  -max working height 780 mm  -messplatte 1000 x 2000 mm  -renishaw probe type  -transport...

  • 2003 Schneider SKM 250 optical coordinate measuring machine

    $15,881 - Schwarzenbach am Wald, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Schneider

    multisensor optical measuring machine schneider skm 250 item description condition is hand year 09/2003 optical cmm 3d measurement and analysis software saphir range: x 250 mm, y 125 mm, eg 200 mm ...

  • 2008 Faro FARO GAGE F04 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

    No price - Saitama, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Faro

    1.2m(4ft)spherical working volume accuracy up to 0.018mm

  • WERTH SCOPE – CHECK650 / MB 3D 1113-6407

    No price - Staufenberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Werth
    • Weight: ca. 2000 kg

    scope - check 3d cnc coordinate measuring machine in bridge construction for 3d cnc operation standard accuracy. the mustisensorkonzept supports the combined measuring multiple sensors software : w...

  • WERTH Measuring Machine from = kompromissløs nøyaktighet

    No price - Skien, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Werth

    produktspekteret spenner seg from classical profile projectors with standard solutions for optical 2d and 3d coordinate måleteknikk, to highly developed measuring machines utstyrt with several sens...

  • 2005 OGP FLASH 300 32067

    No price - Los Angeles, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: OGP

    (1) used ogp smartscope flash 300 multisensor measuring machine new 2005 renishaw tp2000 touch probe and probe change rack measuremind 3d software measure menu & measurefit non-contact, cap2, trap3...

  • 1996 WENZEL LH86 3D Coordinate Measuring Maschine - CNC

    No price - Ingolstadt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: WENZEL

    - cnc-controlled cmm in portal design - control wpc2030 (retrofit in 2010) - software metrosoft cm 3.100, or freely selectable (pcdmis, rationaldmis, metrolog) - computer configuration available - ...

  • 2002 Zett Mess 3D měřící stroj 104459

    No price - Czech Republic
    • Manufacturer: Zett Mess

    3d coordinate measuring machine was put into operation in 2002. in 2004, due to the failure of the original zetta mess control of the controller has been carried out controller for managing the dea...


    $950 - Santa Paula, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: SHEFFIELD

    a-5000 probe set 28pc .28pc .94mm-7.95 200mm, 100mm, 50mm extebsion set ph 9a probe renishaw probes tp1 ph1 probe set with extensions pp25w 3d probe set


    No price - Eislingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: STIEFELMAYER

    3-d coordinate-measuring machine with caste precision plate fine-scraped, with 4 feet 2000 x 1500 mm, approximately 20 different marking and testing probes, equipped with stiefelmayer type "a" guid...