• 1996 Cobra 3 inkl. freidrehenden Wickelarm bis 35 Stueck Paletten pro Stunde Pallet stretch-wrapper foil winding machine

    $2,612 - Scharten, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Cobra

    pallet stretch-wrapper foil winding machine - cobra 3 incl. free rotating wrapping arm the state is used, but nevertheless well maintained see pictures it worked perfectly until the expansion built...

  • 2014 HUMBOLDT HU-2001 Packaging machinery for pallets

    No price - Wehr, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: HUMBOLDT

    packaging machinery for pallets humboldt hu-2001 used machine semi automatic wrapping machine humboldt hu-2001 (germany) for packing of product on the pallet into the strech foil with photocell and...

  • 1997 ZAPPE HVM 2465 Angle welding heat shrink tunnel

    $2,925 - Elsterwerda, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ZAPPE

    anglе welding with shrink tunnel, good condition subcategory 2: angle welding heat shrink tunnel

  • 1997 Beck S7-30 Series Packer

    $3,030 - Elsterwerda, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Beck

    corporate resolution, good condition subcategory 2: series packer

  • 1999 Formschultermaschine BECK MP240 Packautomat series Packer

    $3,343 - Elsterwerda, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Beck

    good condition, with infeed conveyor subcategory 2: packautomat series packer

  • 1997 Sollas mini 75 Foil wrapping machine

    No price - Alsdorf, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Sollas

    sollas min 75, foil wrapping machine, year 1997, including ingoing conveyor, good condition for product dimensions l 40-200 x b 20-165 x h 60 oder 80 mm ch7 93yryiy hddiwluwl speed approx. 20 - 75 ...

  • 1995 BVM Brunner Verpackungstechnik Compacta 4010 BVM foil wrapping machine

    No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    • Manufacturer: BVM Brunner Verpackungstechnik

    bvm brunner packing machines -foil wrapping machine with continuous heated sealing system -productlength: approx. 400 mm bypp agryvvb p wfdhajs -productwidth: approx. 180 mm -productlength: unlimit...

  • 2001 MSK Verpackungssysteme shrinking inatallation

    $26,120 - Wrocław, Poland
    • Manufacturer: MSK Verpackungssysteme

    msk packaging installation - shrinking machine fully automated already dismantled ready for collection in very good condition use for home appliances like ovens, refrigerators, etc operating diment...

  • 1979 Hugo Beck Maschinenbau Serienpacker S 1732 und Tunnel HV 400 Hugo Beck foil wrapping machine

    No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Beck

    hugo beck foil wrapping / sealing machine -foil shrink-wrap for individual products 8fn77 k2wn olqjzieefp -belt length: 1,500 mm -bandwidth: 150 mm -laterally adjustable guides -product width: 170-...

  • 1986 MSK 284E pallet shrinker

    $9,403 - Behamberg, Austria
    • Manufacturer: MSK

    ease of use shrink frame for euro pallet height up to 2000 mm thickness of 80 - 200µ excavation station suction fan for better transport-safe foil plating and unterschrumpf grouting equipment built...