• Stroke engine piston stirrer 25 liters

    $4,718 - Saint Gallen, Switzerland

      piston agitator 25liter -stepless speed setting -stufenloser whisk rash accessories -1 piece stainless steel kettle 25liter -1 piece stainless steel boiler 20 liters -3 piece whisk. (thickness: 2.0...

    • Ostali Stop machine

      No price - Heinsberg, Germany

        stop machine ostali a used mixer with 3 courses in bakery state delivery stop machine ostali with guard 1x stainless steel boiler (35-40 liters) 4 agitators; 1x blender blade, dough hook 1x, 1x wh...

      • 1998 SM2000M Stop machine Rego

        No price - Heinsberg, Germany

          a used machine stop rego these stop machine is in good and nice condition . at the stop machine includes 2 boilers and 2 beaters so. the smaller boiler is suitable for cooking cream . at the str...

        • REGO SM3 stop machine and mixer

          $5,560 - Bergkamen, Germany

            rego sm3 impact and mixer (stop engine) • for boilers up to 30 liters • overhauled (new bearings, bushings, belt) • manual control • fine control range for speed and workspace • incl. mechanical sh...

          • Stop machine Rego SM 2000

            No price - Babenhausen, Germany

              stop machine mixer rego sm overhauled 2000 with automatic timer 2 work functions 1 x stirring / 1 x beat 1 whisk new 1 whisk new 1 32 liter stainless steel boiler new working shaft / agitator new k...

            • Stirring and beating machine Rego SM 3

              No price - Keltern, Germany

                it is one used. overtook rego stirring and beating machine sm 3 (32 liters) for sale. the speed of the machine is continuously adjustable. with automatic expiration of the timer, boiler height a...

              • Stirring and beating machine Rego SM 3

                $4,381 - Hagenbach, Germany

                  rego stirring and beating machine sm3 30 kg flour overtaken 1 year warranty

                • SM 3 U Stop machine Rego

                  No price - Babenhausen, Germany

                    stirring and beating machine rego model: sm 3 u - 2 work functions ( 1x stirring / 1x hit ) - led control - boiler lighting , timer - stepless power and rash adjustment - tank height adjustment - 1...

                  • Stop machine R2 REGO

                    $562 - Berlin, Germany

                      rego rich. hofheinz & co. stirring stop machine the device is made in a resolution and was purified roughly externally. it has been tested prior to storage as functional interested transport on ...

                    • Stop machine REGO SM 3

                      $1,561 - Düren, Germany

                        rego sm 3 stop machine sm3 functionally second hand 1 boiler, 2 broom 380 v