• New Holland set of 4 ag tires

    $2,500 - Myerstown, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: New Holland

    all like new michelin radial16.9x30 rears and 11.2x24 fronts all on nh rims no wheel centers included

  • Harmon 310 3pt stone windrower

    $4,800 - Myerstown, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Stone

    harmon model 310 10' 3pt stone / rock windrower is good used condition

  • Tubeline TL1000R 3pt bale wrapper

    $5,800 - Myerstown, PA, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Tubeline

    3pt bale wrapper with monitor has seen little use looks new

  • Stoltzfus hay ride wagon

    $5,200 - Myerstown, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Stoltzfus

    new 8.5x18 hayride wagon with side entrance steps and new 11l-15 tires on a new 8 ton wagon chassis

  • Schulte RS320 Jumbo rock picker

    $13,500 - Myerstown, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Jumbo

    jumbo rs320 rock picker is hydraulic drive good condition fair original paint with large 16.5l-16 flotation tires 52" wide apron chain

  • ADS BST-100 bulk seed tender

    $5,500 - Myerstown, PA, USA

      twin hoppers with honda 160 gas engine for unload auger sure-lok roll tarp

    • Stoltzfus 8.5 x 18' hayride wagon

      $4,800 - Myerstown, PA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Stoltzfus

      8 ton wagon chassis with 11l-15 tires and a custom built 18' bed with entry steps and perimeter seating

    • New Holland 355 grinder mixer

      $10,500 - Myerstown, PA, USA
      • Manufacturer: New Holland

      nh 355 mixer with scales extension auger and screens

    • John Deere 500 grain cart

      $6,900 - Myerstown, PA, USA
      • Manufacturer: John Deere

      good 540 pto cart with good unload augers and good diamond tread flotation tires

    • Caretree tree spade

      $4,200 - Myerstown, PA, USA

        a very good model 501 spade comes with outriggers for a skid loader