• Welch Self-Cleaning Vacuum System

        the welch model 2025 self-cleaning vacuum system has an automatic self-cleaning purge which maintains efficiency and extends the diaphragm life. this system has an incremental ballast switch to enable fast respon...

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        East Lyme, CT, USA
      • MICRO-AIR MX-1800 #5562

        • Manufacturer: MX

          model: mx 1800 read the micro air mx1800 pdf here typical applications include: weld smoke, wood dust, any ambient air cleaning application description: this unit is set up for ceiling mount but the versatile mx ...

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          Baltimore, MD, USA

          • Manufacturer: Micro-Air

            1 – used reconditioned micro-air cartridge type dust collection system. model rp6-4. rated 12000 cfm. holds (24) cartridges. with new airmax premium media fire retardant filter cartridges. total filter media area...

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            Twinsburg, OH, USA
          • ALLTEQ 888 IC Yield Master Yield Improvement Cleaning System

            • Manufacturer: IC

              dd4-5006-gx same functions, but not identified as; allte 888 ic yield master yield improvement cleaning system fine print: the 888 will not remove any mechanically attached materials, glues. epoxies or trapped ob...

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              Stevensville, MI, USA

                  abs/abrasive blast systems shot blast room price: loaded on truck, pennsylvania plant ............................. $55,000.00 hmc stock no. 17079 machine serial no. 0726 machine model no. unknown new date: 200...

                  York, PA, USA
                • 1994 Cryogenic Systems Nitrogen Deflashing Machine SC1500 1994 Cryogenic Systems Nitrogen Deflashing Machine SC1500

                      model:    sc1500 date of manufacture:    7/8/1994 460 volt 3 phase 30 amp 120 psi max air pressure schrader bellows hydraulic cylinder to open door acc stainless steel construction approximately ½” 360 degree rot...

                      Watertown, CT, USA
                    • Used 20 HP Spencer Dust Collection System Central Industrial Vacuum

                      • Manufacturer: Spencer

                        ●tubular bag seperator unit serial number: 311893, 8"ø inlet & outlet, 42"ø dirty air chamber.●vacuum producer (blower) unit cat. number: 30103a3, serial number: 311893, 8"ø inlet & outlet.includes particle colle...

                        Millwood, WV, USA
                      • Labconco Hood Protector Ventilation System Model 48630

                        • Manufacturer: Labconco

                          labconco hood protector ventilation system model 48630, 36" wide, exterior dimensions 3t5.75" x 28" x 22.75", these produce an even,inward air flow that protects the operator and contacins hazardous or noxioous ...

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                          Manasquan, NJ, USA
                        • 16165 2010 EMPIRE ABRASIVE SHOT BLAST SYSTEM Cabinet Type Auto Cycle

                          • Manufacturer: EMPIRE

                            empire abrasive shot blast system price: loaded on truck, our warehouse, york, pa ………… $29,500.00 hmc stock no. 16165 machine serial no. e10019 machine model no. unknown new date: 2010 blast cabinet door openin...

                            York, PA, USA
                          • 12015 1996 16000 cfm ROTA-CLEAN AIRBORNE CLEANING SYSTEM RC1-60

                            • Manufacturer: ROTA-CLEAN

                              rota-clean airborne cleaning system price: loaded on truck, our warehouse, york, pa …… $3,750.00 stock # 12015 serial # unknown new 1996 model # rc1-60 designed to remove airborne oil mist, dust and fume particu...

                              York, PA, USA