• Air-cooled condenser, capacity 214.0 kW, medium: ethylene glycol

    No price - Willich, Germany Recently Added

      güntner - type gfh 067b / 4-l (d) -f6 / 8p - near münster power: 214.0 kw, medium: ethylene glycol 34% by volume, flow rate:. 7.96 m³ / h, 4 pcs fans, total el. power consumption: 2.72 kw, energy c...

    • Air-cooled condenser, capacity 676.3 kW, medium: ammonia

      No price - Willich, Germany Recently Added

        güntner - type agvh 092b / 2x4l - near münster power: 676.3 kw, 8 fans, housing: galvanized steel, was used for liquefying ammonia.

      • Century 84 Ton Chiller

        No price - Perth Amboy, NJ
        • Manufacturer: Century

        used 84 ton air cooled condenser. air cooled condenser. century model pfc-84. btuh/1deg. 41,862. (8) 1 hp top mounted fans. test 450 psi/ 140 low. used r-22 refrigerant. note: compressor not included.

      • Filtrine 10 Ton Chiller

        No price - Perth Amboy, NJ
        • Manufacturer: Filtrine

        used 10 ton filtrine model pcp-1000-140a-wp air cooled chiller. includes russell model vac63 air cooled condenser unit.

      • CARRIER 30RWA025

        No price - Utrecht, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: CARRIER

        this new carrier air-cooled chiller (with remote condenser), can be delivered with a new or a used air-cooled condenser. for more technical information see pdf file!

      • Carrier 30HS280

        No price - Munich, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Carrier

        carrier 30hs280 used machine chiller carrier 30hs280, 750kw/280ton cooling capacity, with two remote air-cooled condensers, nice condition, year 1994

      • Haskris R033 Refrigerated Water Recirculating System

        $1,250 - Freehold Township, NJ
        • Manufacturer: Haskris

        refrigerated water recirculating system. air cooled condenser. cooling capacity: 950w. pump capacity: 1 gpm. reservoir volume: 5 gals. 115v, 60 hz, 13.5a.

      • Air Cooled Refrig, Condenser, Bohn, 2 Fan, 460v, R404

        No price - San Dimas, CA

          bohn model blv2000msd outdoor use air cooled condenser. unit uses r-404 refrigerant, has 2 fan motor, 3/4 hp, 20 hp copeland compressor. unit is 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle unit.

        • Filtrine PCP-200-30A-WP Refrigerated Recirculating Chiller

          $4,950 - Freehold Township, NJ
          • Manufacturer: Filtrine

          refrigerated recirculating chiller. self-contained air cooled condenser, complete unit made weather resistant for outdoor installation. closed loop chiller with sealed 20 gallon tank. cooling capac...

        • Refrigeration UH125AUA10 5C2533

          No price - Carol Stream, IL

            liebert 10 ton room temperature / humidity control unit capable of maintaning temperature range of 65 – 85 degree f and 40 – 60% rh with-in 2% of set point. uses r-22 refrigerant and produces 120...