• Messer-MG Metalmaster II Plasma Cutting System

    • Manufacturer: Metalmaster

      pre owned 1998 messer-mg metalmaster ii plasma cutting system serial number: general specifications maximum cutting width                 6’ maximum cutting length                 25’ maximum positioning speed   ...

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      Milwaukee, WI, USA
    • 8' X 30' Messer Steel Pro Plasma Cutting System

          pre owned 2004 messer steel pro  plasma cutting system serial number: general specifications maximum cutting width                 8’ maximum cutting length                 30’ maximum cutting speed              ...

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          Milwaukee, WI, USA
        • 12' X 45' Messer Titan II 12/4 LP Plasma Cutting System

          • Manufacturer: Titan

            pre owned 1999 retro 2008  messer titan ii 12/4 lp plasma cutting system serial number:  3765 general specifications maximum cutting width            12’ maximum cutting length             45’ maximum rapid trave...

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            Milwaukee, WI, USA
          • Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Unit #2751

            • Manufacturer: Hypertherm

              hypertherm model ht 4400 plasma cutting unit 077033: 480 vac, 3 ph, 60 hz, 107a | 077036: 200 vac, 3 ph, 50-60 hz, 257a | 077037: 400 vac, 3 ph, 50-60 hz, 128a | 077038: 600 vac, 3 ph, 60 hz, 86a | cooling: force...

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              Houston, TX, USA
            • Thermal Dynamics Pak Master 50XL Plus Plasma Cutter

                  (1) used thermal dynamics pak master 50xl plus plasma cutter specifications: output....................................15-35 amps (continuously variable) duty cycle................................60% capacity.......

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                  Casa Grande, AZ, USA
                • 1987 40 ton / 200 amp Whitney Model 661 Combi. CNC Punch / Plasma Cutting Machine

                  • Manufacturer: Whitney

                    this whitney model 661 combination turret punch and plasma cutting machine with ge 2000 cnc is available for inspection in the usa.

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                    Elk Grove Village, IL, USA
                  • 2008 Esab Avenger X-P2-5000

                    • Manufacturer: Esab

                      t rail system power track tower advanced electronic gas control system oxyfuel torch station high speed omni plasma station plasma control interface plasma air curtain remote current control laser light projector...

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                      Chicago, IL, USA
                    • HYPERTHERM Plasma Cutter #2495

                      • Manufacturer: Hypertherm

                        note: doesn’t work (might need new board) | input power: 240/480v, 3ph, 60 hz | maximum ocv: 280 vdc | output current: 30-100 amps | output voltage: 150 vdc | gas requirements: air, nitrogen | duty cycle rating:...

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                        Perrysburg, OH, USA
                      • 1998 Strippit Helios 1500SL laser cutting system. 1500 watt CO2 laser, PRC Laser, 1998. #2826

                        • Manufacturer: Strippit

                          asset description notes: strippit helios 1500sl laser cutting system. prc laser model sl1500, 1500 watt laser super pulse peak power: 3450 watts max material cutting thickness: ferrous .375"; stainless .187"; alu...

                          Connecticut, United States
                        • Alltra Plasma/Flame NC Shapecutting System G14-14 Plasma Cutter

                              stock id: #8037 specifications: year:2000 48” x 120” cutting capacity thermal dynamics dmc-3000 gas mixer burny controller thermal dynamics 300 amp power supply micro-air (8) filter draft tower single flame cut s...

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                              Duarte, CA, USA