• Blueair 250E Digital HEPASilent Air Purifier

        the blueair 250e digital hepasilent air purifier offers an easy to use remote control and digital display system with timer. a happy/sad face instantly tells you the air quality and smell conditions in the room. ...

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        East Lyme, CT, USA
      • Amersham Pharmacia Biotech AKTAexplorer 100 Air

            the amersham pharmacia biotech äktaexplorer 100 air with its versatility and reliability is designed for laboratories involved in method and process development. this unit is used in the purification of microgram...

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            East Lyme, CT, USA
          • Parker Balston 73-099 AA Gas Purifier

            • Manufacturer: Parker

              the parker balston 73-099 aa gas purifier this wall-mounted system is designed to purify the compressed air and acetylene gases used in atomic absorption. it consists of two independent filtration systems, one fo...

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              East Lyme, CT, USA
            • Pentair Structural ROMATE-20 Fiberglass Reverse Osmosis Storage Tank

                  the pentair structural romate-20 fiberglass reverse osmosis storage tank features a removable air cell which allows for easy service and sanitation or replacement as needed. specifications: - maximum operating ...

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                  East Lyme, CT, USA
                • EXCELL 2EFB12C150 69683

                  • Manufacturer: EXCELL

                    air purification skid; w/2 fiberglass cylinders 8" x 3' vertical; skid includes piping & valves; skid dim 4' x 4' x 4';

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                    La Porte, TX, USA
                  • Fuller FG 2072, FG 2036

                    • Manufacturer: Fuller

                      selling 2 in 1 lot: the following information was provided by the manufacturer: fg 2072 sterile conditioner how it works . . . air is pulled into the sterile conditioner through a 5 micron pre-filter and .3 micro...

                      Morrisville, PA, USA
                    • Mmbtu Durr Systems Gmbh Incinerator #210004

                      • Manufacturer: Durr Systems Gmbh

                        approx. 5 mm btu/hr, 48,450 m3/hr (28,516 cfm) (maximum) cs, ecopure regenerative thermal oxidizer, type rtoc3-3040, efficient exhaust gas purification system, manufactured by durr systems gmbh, serial # 9377, or...

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                        West Windsor Township, NJ, USA
                      • Puraqleen DUO

                        • Manufacturer: Puraqleen

                          -hardly in use, was bought about 4 years ago, never used due to job loss, if only trial -max 3 bar operating pressure -max 50 ° c operating temperature -possible including battery and charger - sightseeing by app...

                          Baden-Württemberg, Germany
                        • Biotage Horizon (HPFC) High Performance FLASH Chromatography System

                          • Manufacturer: Horizon

                            the horizon hpfc system simplifies and improves throughput for organic synthetic and medicinal chemists by providing a purification tool that features milligram to multigram load range, programmable gradient capa...

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                            Mountain View, CA, USA
                          • 2014 Ford FIESTA VAN 1500 TDCI euro5

                            • Manufacturer: Ford

                              ford fiesta 1500cc diesel euro5 fog all the steering wheel cruise control airbags: 6 rear spoiler in body color imobilaizer central locking operated from the key locking, automatic mode for the driver window heig...

                              15ΧΛΜ ΛΕΩΦ. ΛΑΥΡΙΟΥ 15ΧΛΜ ΛΕΩΦ. ΛΑΥΡΙΟΥ 15331 ΓΛΥΚΑ ΝΕΡΑ Greece