• Pharmacia 18-1118-67 Amersham Biotech AKTA FPLC System

    • Manufacturer: Pharmacia

      voltage: 100-120/220-240 vac | division: lab equipment | flow rate: 0.01-100 ml/min | viscosity: max 5 cp | ph monitoring: 2-12 | buffer selection: 11 buffer inlets | power consumption: 600 va | relative humidit...

      $8,495 (USD)
      Frederick, MD, USA
    • AKTA FPLC Amersham Pharmacia Biotech System 18-1118-67

      • Manufacturer: International

        amersham pharmacia biotech akta fplc system 18-1118-67 specifications: flow rate: 0.01-100 ml/min operating pressure max: 10 mpa (1450 psi) operati ...

        $8,495 (USD)
        Frederick, MD, USA
      • FPLC Pharmacia AKTA EXPLORER 10S (2002), FPLC Pharmacia AKTA EXPLORER 10S (2002)

            fplc (lab scale) akta explorer 10s (2002) fraction collector frac-950, many accessories,computer,software unicorn v.4.11manuals $ 27k usd only one system available at this sale price - includes operators manual...

            No price
            Manasquan, NJ, USA
          • AKTA FPLC (GE, Amersham) Akta FPLC

            • Manufacturer: General electric

              flow rate up to 20 ml/min, pressure up to 5 mpa optional air, sample pump, autosampler, and frac-950 p-920 pump, upc-900 detector, m-925 mixer, inv-907 inj.valve, frac-900 fraction collector hg lamp, wavelength ...

              $22,000 (USD)
              Hayward, CA, USA
            • Pharmacia FRAC 920 Fraction Collector Pharmacia 920 AKTA 920 Fraction Collector

                  pharmacia frac 920 fraction collector pharmacia 920 akta 920 fraction collector used very very nice! ge frac-920 ge frac 920 ge fraction collector amersham frac 920 amersham frac-920 • digital display, peak detec...

                  No price
                  Manasquan, NJ, USA
                • Akta Prime FPLC FPLC Sytem (GE,

                  • Manufacturer: General electric

                    akta prime fplc fplc sytem (ge, amersham) akta prime consists of a pump, fraction collector, uv monitor, conductivity monitor flow rates up to 50 ml/min injection, gradient, and buffer selection valves. max press...

                    $8,600 (USD)
                    United States
                  • GE AKTA Explorer 100 FPLC

                    • Manufacturer: General electric

                      ge akta explorer 100 fplc

                      $39,999 (USD)
                      Tustin, CA, USA
                    • Pharmacia Biotech AKTA FPLC Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography

                      • Manufacturer: Fast

                        pharmacia biotech akta fplc fast protein liquid chromatography ...

                        $9,500 (USD)
                        Anaheim, CA, USA
                      • Amersham AKTA FPLC GE Start System w/Frac-30

                        • Manufacturer: General electric

                          ge akta start fplc system one-owner system. virtually unused system; total run time is only a few hours. . includes: akta start frac-30 ...

                          $6,500 (USD)
                          Tacoma, WA, USA
                        • Amersham Biosciences / GE Healthcare AKTA FPLC System

                          • Manufacturer: General electric

                            the akta fplc presents a complete integrated fplc system used for laboratory-scale purification of proteins and peptides. its p-920 pump generates flow rates from .05 to 20 ml/min at a maximum pressure of 5 mpa. ...

                            No price
                            San Diego, CA, USA

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