• 50.000L Steel tank for UAN fertilizer.

        50.000l steel tank for urea and ammonium nitrate solution (uan). bnwfhbb diameter 2,60m lenght 10,30m height with legs 3m wall thickness 6m equipped with platform and ladder painted with polyurethane paint from o...

      • 54000L LPG steel tank

            50 to 54m3 lpg steel tank inner diameter 2,6m lenght 9.98m wall thickness 6mm bottoms thickness: 8mm tank material: st3s weight: 16 ton ck7mti0m epoxy-resin coating from inside, urea ammonium nitrate resistant, b...

          • 30000L fertilizer tanks

                30m3 fertilizer tanks diameter 3m lenght 4,60m thickness 9mm poliurethane paint on the outside, bergolin epoxy-resin coating on the inside, urea ammonium nitrate solution resistant inspection hatch and flood pipe...