• West AFP 760

    No price - West Moors, United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: West

    fully automatic ampoule feeder suitable for fitting to most thermoforming machines. the west afp 760 was designed and manufactured by west pharmaservices to meet the requirements of a major pharmac...

  • 1989 Filling line BOSCH for pre-filled syring

    No price - Wehr, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bosch

    filling line bosch consists of: device for feeding empty ampoules bosch; washing machine bosch; autoclave sauter; filling and closing machine bosch; optical control (brevetti) and manual control de...

  • 1980 Farmomac F47

    $33,574 - United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: Farmomac

    farmomac f47 monoblock filler/capper. 5 x 100ml filling pistons with staged filling process. last filling 100 and 130ml bottles with 28mm and 32mm caps. last filling at speeds of 40-50 bottles per ...

  • 1990 Cidec RVC16/5

    No price - France
    • Manufacturer: Cidec

    info year 1990 suitable for chemical or corrosive automatic line cidec rvc16 / 5 made of - feeding bottles by positioning - filler volumetric rotary heads 16 electropneumatic dosing pumps maxi 1500...

  • 2003 Rota R 910/G

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Rota

    output adjustable up to 3,000 vials/h for 1 and 2 ml, max. 1,000 vials/h for 30 ml1 filling station, 1 closure station for rubber stopper with vibration bowl, vial-Ø 7-52 mm, vial height max. 125 m...

  • 1990 Ronchi SINCROBLOCK 186

    No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: Ronchi

    description: ronchi fillers symbolize the most innovative and modern features offered to the filling industry for liquid or high-viscous products; they represent the most ideal solutions for all th...

  • 2001 Groninger KFVG201

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Groninger

    s/s-style, 3-stations filling station (half-full filling), object-Ø 15-50 mm according to change parts, height 30-160 mm, output max. 3,600 objects/h, dosing area 0.1-250 ml according to pumpset, d...

  • 2001 Groninger KFVG 202

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Groninger

    liquid filling and closing machine for ampoules/vials unsteady groninger kfvg 202 2001 location: hamburg (germany) description: output max. 7,200 objects/h, working area Ø 6,85-28 mm, height 40-120...

  • 2001 Groninger/Heißwolf/Kfvg 202, HER 015, WBS 112 NeoTop

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Groninger/Heißwolf/Kfvg

    make/type: groninger/heißwolf/kfvg 202, her 015, wbs 1-12 neotop model: 2001 description: line for filling, closing, labeling, packing of drinking ampoules 10 ml, consist of: filling and closing ma...

  • Uhlmann ups300

    $21,740 - United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: Uhlmann

    setup for ampoules with bausch + stroebel pick and place feeding system this machine was previously connected to a bausch + stroebel esa 100 lablelling machine also available separately see listing...