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  • AGILENT 16802A 68-Ch Portable Logic Analyzer

    • Manufacturer: Agilent
    • Model: 16802A

      The agilent 16802a 68 channel portable logic analyzer lets you make accurate high-speed timing measurements with 4 ghz (250 ps) high-speed timing zoom. a parallel acquisition architecture provides high-speed timi...

      $4,200 (USD)
      Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
    • Agilent 16901A-101 Logic Analyzer Mainframe with Built-in Touch Display

      • Manufacturer: Agilent

        -->--> agilent/hp 16901a 2-slot logic analyzer mainframe with built-in touch display the 16901a 2-slot modular logic analyzer provides ...

        $7,500 (USD)
        Lake Mary, FL, USA
      • Agilent/HP 16803A 102 Channel 4 GHz Timing 250 MHz State 1M Deep Logic Analyzer

        • Manufacturer: Agilent

          Many of our items include free shipping within the usa secured with our double-walled boxes and instapak foam packing to ensure your ...

          $7,980 (USD)
          Lake Mary, FL, USA
        • Agilent/ HP 1660A Logic Analyzers

          • Manufacturer: Agilent

            Agilent/ hp 1660a 136 channel logic analyzer features: 134 channels conventional: 250 mhz all channels, 500 mhz half channels glitch: 125 mhz half channels state: 100 mhz, all channels graphical menus are display...

            $1,495 (USD)
            San Diego, CA, USA
          • Agilent/ HP 1660ES Logic Analyzers

            • Manufacturer: Agilent

              The agilent 1660es adds an integrated oscilloscope to the 1660e product. some of the tougher hardware problems can be found only with the digital triggering capabilities of a logic analyzer and can only be solved...

              $2,995 (USD)
              San Diego, CA, USA
            • Valhalla Scientific 2300 Programable Three Phase Digital Power Analyzer

              • Manufacturer: Valhalla Scientific

                Valhalla scientific 2300 programmable three phase digital power analyzer. 115vac input this item powers up, all control panel buttons and indicators function. tested for function, voltage, current, and power read...

                $700 (USD)
                Ventura, CA, USA
              • Agilent HP KT-16802A/103_ER

                • Manufacturer: Agilent

                  Keysight technologies (formerly agilent) 16802a 68ch 250mhz state/4ghz timing portable logic analyzer touch screen (used) product code: kt-16802a/103 er the agilent 16802a 68-channel portable logic analyzer provi...

                  $6,063 (USD)
                  United States
                • Keysight (formerly Agilent) 16822A Opts:

                  • Manufacturer: Agilent

                    Keysight (formerly agilent) 16822a opts: --, 032, 103 68-channel portable logic analyzer available for: rent, buy product overview logic analyzer configuration * 15-inch (38.1 cm) color display with touch screen ...

                    $8,500 (USD)
                    United States
                  • Tektronix TLA7AB4

                    • Manufacturer: Tektronix

                      Tektronix tla7ab4 with option 2s and 4p (probes) with option 2s increase to; 64 mb memory depth @ 450 mhz state speed option 4p (4) p6880; high density compression probe, 34 ch, differential clock, differential d...

                      $6,000 (USD)
                      United States
                    • Tektronix Logic Analyzer 1240

                      • Manufacturer: Tektronix

                        The 1240 is a 36 channel logic analyzer from tektronix. a logic analyzer is a type of electronic test equipment that engineers use to capture and display signals from a digital circuit or system. logic analyzers ...

                        No price
                        Elgin, IL, USA