• H+P Labortechnik H+P Labortechnik Varioklav 25TC 30242

    • Manufacturer: H+P Labortechnik

      h + p labortechnik steam sterilizer varioklav 25tc. for the medical field according to pren 13060, type b. general overhaul demonstration unit with zarges transport box, incl. 2-year maintenance, 10-yearly press...

      Burladingen, Germany
    • H+P Labortechnik H+P Labortechnik Varioklav 400 E 29872

      • Manufacturer: H+P Labortechnik

        h + p steam sterilizer varioklav 400 e. with pump, container and basket insert. automatic lid closure in case of power failure. control unit with digital display and 3 program buttons. pressure display. operating...

        Burladingen, Germany
      • Systec 2540 EL 29846

        • Manufacturer: Systec

          systec table autoclave 2540 el. control panel with lcd display. integrated printer. interface rs 232. pressure display. accessories: water hose and temperature probe. 230v 50/60 hz.

          Burladingen, Germany
        • MRC STE-V-80 29149

          • Manufacturer: MRC

            mrc vertical autoclave ste-v 80. capacity 80 l. with printer. stainless steel basket. sterilization temperature 105 ° -136 ° c. sterilization time range: 0-99 min. lcd display. chamber size: diameter x depth: 315...

            Burladingen, Germany
          • 2014 Wolf Sanoclav KL-5-3 29087

            • Manufacturer: Wolf

              adolf wolf small autoclave kl-5-3. pressure chamber volume 5l. max. operating temperature 143 ° c. max. operating pressure 3 bar. used only 1x. as good as new

              Burladingen, Germany
            • 2011 Lautenschläger MagnoCERT 29071

              • Manufacturer: Lautenschläger

                lautenschläger steam steriliser magnocert, type 9169. for packed and porous loads. with sterilization chamber. automatic sliding shutter. automatic door control. computer programmable logic controller.

                Burladingen, Germany
              • H+P Labortechnik H+P Labortechnik Varioklav 500 E 28796

                • Manufacturer: H+P Labortechnik

                  h + p steriliser varioklav 500 ec-7. on base. with steam generator, steam condenser and cooling unit. horizontal loading. integrated media sensor. 2 basket inserts. front loading. inside dimensions: t = 70 cm, d ...

                  Burladingen, Germany
                • Webeco A30 B 29438

                  • Manufacturer: Webeco

                    webeco small steam sterilizer a30 b. temperature max. 150°c. panel with illuminated lcd display. with a cold and hot water tank. internal dimensions hxwxd: 12x22x32cm. wire insert the interior. 230v. 50/60hz. 268...

                    Burladingen, Germany
                  • CertoClav KC 5L 26278

                    • Manufacturer: CertoClav

                      certoclav steam sterilizer kc 5l. with 2 cover gaskets, syringe use including lid, plastic shell and a backpack. unused and in original packaging unit. 20 units available.

                      Burladingen, Germany
                    • H+P Labortechnik H+P Labortechnik Varioklav 250T 24025

                      • Manufacturer: H+P Labortechnik

                        h+p steam sterilizer/autoclave varioklav 250 t. 138° c. 3 bar. 25 l. 230 v. 50 hz. 3,2 kw. table device. horizontal loading. without insert rack. internal dimensions: diameter 26 cm x depth 45 cm. digital display...

                        Burladingen, Germany