• Head machine VATW 534

    $18,754 - Keltern, Germany

      it is a b. , a fully automatic, fully automatic dough, parting and knitting machine type 534 (4-row). the machine was disassembled and rebuilt. the wheelchair was re-stored and new crushing roll...

    • Head machine W & P Multimatic

      $15,804 - Murrhardt, Germany Recently Added

        head machine / dough divider and circular machine fab. werner und pfleiderer type multimatic 5-row factory-no .: 253684 lie to the end of the operation and was cleaned

      • 1994 Head machine KEMPER TWIN-STAR

        $10,009 - Delaware, USA
        • Manufacturer: Kemper

        kemper type twin-star, used and overhauled 2-row dough divider and knitting machine (head machine) mobile, with fold-down table and new band machine number: stw-2-94038 year of construction 1994 ho...

      • 2008 Okuma MCR-B11 E 35×80 CNC Double Column Bridge Type Machining Center

        No price - Marietta, GA
        • Manufacturer: Okuma
        • Spindle Taper: ISO 50
        • Control: OSP-P200M

        osp-p2000m cnc control automatic tool changer – 120 position (tool shank bt 50) elevating cross rail angle head renishaw tool length measuring steel cover – x,y axis chip conveyor

      • 1996 Head machine king

        No price - Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland
        • Manufacturer: King

        head machine king year 1996 5 drum foreportioner 5 rows weight range 20-120g technically and visually good in stock price on request with vat export prices

      • 2003 OKUMA MCR-B11 5-AXIS CNC ROUTER (DUAL HEAD) [RA-010183]

        $629,900 - United States
        • Manufacturer: Okuma

        okuma mcr-b11, ...3, 4, & 5-axis cnc router; enclosed machine built for high speed and precision; routing, sizing, milling, trimming, and surfacing of composites, themoformed plastic component part...

      • 1966 Veb Grossdrehmaschinenbau "8.Mai" KarlMarxStadt. DLZ1000

        $11,301 - Germany
        • Manufacturer: VEB
        • Weight: 20500 kg

        factory veb grossdrehmaschinenbau " i" karl-marx-stadt. year 1966 workpiece diameter over bed 1000 mm the diameter of the workpiece 1120 mm above the groove the diameter of the workpiece over carri...

      • 2012 Kovosvit MASTURN MT821i CNC

        No price - Czech Republic Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Heidenhain

        masturn 820i cnc/2000 geometric and working accuracy iso 1708 swing diameter over bed 820 mm swing over cross slide head 530 mm section max. turning diameter 720 mm distance spikes 2000 mm work...