• Aspirator with bagging

    • Manufacturer: HOECKER POLYTECHNIK

      extraction / filter tower höcker polytechnik with bagging air capacity 9.000 m³/h fan k350 power 7.5 kw size: 300cm x 230cm (breitextiefe) height 560cm good condition with 5 chip bags ssnjas

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      Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • 1992 Nestro 251400

      • Manufacturer: Nestro

        4 bag filling complete as filter house for outdoor setting exterior trim is dismantled, but completely present. 32 filter hoses 230 x 2000 mm long filter area 46,3 m² size approx. 2400 x 1250 x 3700 mm air outlet...

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        Hesse, Germany
      • 2 x Ishida multihead weigher and bagger

        • Manufacturer: Ishida

          2 x ishida ccw-z-214w-s/30-wp multihead weighers, 14 heads each one, manufactured year 1.993, valid for brightness jelly and other products, including 2 x bagging form fill & seal machines, with platform for comp...

          Andalusia, Spain
        • 1992 Sandiacre TG325 BAT

          • Manufacturer: BAT

            sandiacre tg325 bat bagging machine complete in use in production on this very fine machine you can pack almost everything you want! mxhfjcpn - diameter filling pipe: 150 mm, length vertical seal: 500 mm, dimensi...

          • 1992 Nestro 251400

            • Manufacturer: Nestro

              4 complete bag filling suitable for use as filter house for outdoor installation external cladding is dismantled, but missing. 32 filter bags 230 x 2000 mm long filter surface 46,3 m² size approx. 2400 x 1250 x 3...

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              Hesse, Germany
            • Polypack 80W

              • Manufacturer: Polypack

                poly pack type 80w eintueter packaging machine for hanging textiles qrozsddot including fully automatic seitenetikettierer! -performance about 800-1000 items per hour -film width 500-800 mm -coating length 1700 m...

                Lower Saxony, Germany
              • 2014 Prodeco HH

                • Manufacturer: Prodeco

                  prodeco bagging unit with 8 collection bags. diameter 300 mm, height 600 mm. 0,37 kw gear motor. 400 volt. rotation speed, 1 lap/minute x3hhg8e total weight 100 kg. unit on wheels. (new, showroom machine)

                  Vejle, Denmark
                • Extractor fan

                  • Manufacturer: unbekannt

                    extractor fan and filter bags and bagging funnels 3mjk8aetd

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                  • IPEKA PackMaster 2

                    • Manufacturer: IPEKA

                      semi-automatic bagging and clip-closing machine for sliced bread and whole loaves manufacturer: ipeka type: packmaster 2 8aun9299z capacity: up to 45 bags / min with two operators the performance depends on the o...

                    • 1979 Extraction system

                      • Manufacturer: Schuko

                        aspirator with ex hau ster 10 kw and 2 four bag bagging systems. c7po8jldw

                        North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany