• Pastry and bakery solutions

    No price - Murrhardt, Germany

      after sale for bakery most of it is sold, but it still has a few positions to absolutely cheeky contact us as soon as possible

    • Stainless Steel Framed Crest Pastry Cutter

      $6,207 - Europe Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Cresta

      estimated shipping width: 0.00 in | estimated shipping height: 0.00 in | estimated shipping length: 0.00 in | estimated shipping weight: 0 kgs

    • JAC - Breadcutter Jac, Bakery

      No price - Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: JAC

      ech 450/99, 230 volt, 50hz, 1 ph + t4 amp 0.49 kw, 180 kg c3dez

    • Wiesheu B8MR Oven bakery oven

      No price - Lower Saxony, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Wiesheu

      this oven wiesheu of the model used b8mr - ideal as a bakery shop accessories for your equipment in your local supermarket or discount store. price on request technical data: manufacturer: wiesheu ...

    • DEBAG Mini 8R Maker oven bakery oven

      No price - Lower Saxony, Germany
      • Manufacturer: DEBAG

      your customers through the pleasant fragrance of your bakery department are attracted, often also lead to a spontaneous purchase. fresh and crunchy baked goods you produce with the maker of the mod...

    • 2001 Rondo Doge SFA 65 S Semi- Autom. sheeter

      $6,217 - Borne, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Rondo Doge

      1. piеce of seewer rondo doge dough sheeter, type sfa 65 s, built in 2001

    • 1999 WP Haton 6 row plant Bun and finger rollplant

      $10,187 - Borne, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: WP Haton

      wp 6 row bun and rol-line, building year 1999, cap. till 11.500 pieces pro hour, dough weight 35-85 gram line includes, pre-proofer with proofing time app. 5 min., long moulding unit and automatic ...

    • 1997 Koenig KGV I 5000 Bun and finger rollplant

      $14,366 - Borne, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Koenig

      a 4 and 5-row koenig kgv i 5000 plant, dough weight 30-125 grams, incl. pre-proofer with stamp unit for kaiser and stamped rolls, with moulding unit for long-rolled finger rolls, including automati...

    • 2009 MIWE econo 8.0604 ZKR Oven

      $3,134 - Magdeburg, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Miwe

      oven miwe econo 8.0604 ccnr, functional subcategory 2: baking furnaces | subcategory 3: oven | condition info: used machine ready for use

    • 1995 De Danielli C 15 G PL cream cooker

      No price - Hesse, Germany
      • Manufacturer: De Danielli

      many thanks for your interest in our second-hand machinery, please find below our offer: manufacturer: de danielli italien type: c 15 g pl cream cooker year: 1995 bgmjtqj jikvvi ymh volume 15 l fue...