• Fat baking device esback

    No price - Altenglan, Germany

      it is an es-back branded berlin car. for about 40 - 45 berliners with a fermentation chamber and 10 tipping troughs it is in a very good clean condition. made of stainless steel if desired, you c...

    • 2011 Peecon Cargo 200

      No price - Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Peecon
      • Capacity: 17 m3

      peecon cargo 200 chassis year of construction: 2011 tires: 710 / 50r30.5 type of pump: vacuum pump chassis: tridec tandem chassis, electronically controlled, quick change system for constructio...

    • HABER SANG fat baking station

      $4,752 - Bergkamen, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Habersang

      • for 48 berlin • overhaul • manual control • with turning device . • including hall car with 8 alu - kipptrögeln and a total of 3 back seven (2 for 1 berliner and flat screen) • drip tray (-sheet ...

    • 2011 Peecon Cargo 200

      No price - Duizel, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Peecon

      field of application: agriculture more information: joost bierkens or roel oomen peecon cargo 200 chassis year of construction: 2011 tires: 710 / 50r30.5 type of pump: vacuum pump chassis: tr...

    • 1994 Habersang grease baking system Primus 5 / E NC series station

      No price - Cologne, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Habersang

      habersang primus 5 / e nc series grease baking station with a lot of accessories second hand grease baking station with reversing device consisting of fat baking device with stainless steel lid, dr...

    • 2004 Miwe econo In-shop baking ovens

      No price - Chemnitz, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Miwe
      • Model: ECONO

      in-shop baking ovens miwe econo used machine -fp control -stainless steel casing -used, built in 2004, good condition! -for 6 plates a 60 x 40 cm -with be schwa dung function -german including inst...

    • Glunz+Jensen

      No price - Grevenbroich, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Jensen

      kuehltisch / transport table used for a baking oven, by aluminum fins very good dissipation of heat. this makes heat damages are avoided in subsequent devices. - 850mm width - about 1000mm length

    • NIELSEN 400 angels kiss plant

      No price - Willich, Germany
      • Manufacturer: NIELSEN

      with baking oven for wafer bottoms, mondomix foam dosing device, pre-cooling channel,enrober cooling channel, agitator, ball mill for compound masses

    • 2014 MBI MCP800-IT Crushers Abrasion Tongs Scissors

      $18,769 - Reddelich, Germany

        rigid crushers mbi (i) mcp800-it mantovanibenne year of construction 2014 first use 06/2015 -for carrier device 18-25 tons -input weight approx. 2200kg -mule opening approx. 850mm - width approx. 5...

      • Line for the production of needle-punched materials f. «Textilmaschinenfabrik Dr. Ernst FEHRER ».

        No price - Penza, Russia
        • Manufacturer: Ernst

        the unit for forming the installation of the pre-piercing consists of: fs-filling chamber 2; nutrient bst machines; holstoobrazuyuschey machine v-21; r-12 carding machines; needle punched machines...