• 1978 FLEISSNER Wet bale breaker

    • Manufacturer: FLEISSNER

      drives all adjustable, v2a qty: 1 | machine: wet bale breaker

      No price
      Mönchengladbach, Germany

          ahlstrom (andritz) fibreflow model ff300 3000mm (118") dia x 17.6m (57') long drum pulper. capable of handling up to 150 tpd. driven by a 250 kw motor. with a steel sheet forwarder, bale breaker, rubber belt forw...

          No price
          Chalfont, PA, USA
        • 2017 Wagner BA 30 Bale Braker

          • Manufacturer: Wagner

            wagner ba 30 bale braker is unique in its operating mode and technology. balle breaker is able to open different compressed balls, - passes 5000 kg per hour. especially unique to: pet bottles mixed plastic p...

            No price
          • 2015 John Deere L1534 90x120

            • Manufacturer: John Deere

              pick-up width: 2.30 mtr, rotoflow feed, 23 knife cutter, adjustable density control. press room, piston strokes: 46 per min control beam density: 4 hydraulic cylinders. beam length: 60 cm to 3 mtr bale width: 120...

              No price
              Dalen, Netherlands
            • Semi worsted Spinning line

                  a)bale breaker type fallgatter b)1 bale breaker type fallgatt

                  No price
                  Mönchengladbach, Germany
                • 2017 Quivogne SSDR S7/300

                  • Manufacturer: Quivogne
                  • Working Width: 3.00 m

                  description: the subsoiler ssdr s 7/300 ensures an intensive loosening of the deep soil layers and an optimal crumbling and mixing of the upper floor. the aggressive position of the tines in the ground is respo...

                  $12,416 (USD)
                  Sommerein, Austria
                • 2015 New Holland Roll-Belt 150 C

                  • Manufacturer: New Holland

                    new holland rb150c, variable bale chamber of 75 to 150cm diameter, 4 belts, 2m pick-up, 5 zinc carriers, rubber chain, max feeding system, roller breaker, professional variant, cropcutter cutting rotor with 15 kn...

                    $34,438 (USD)
                    Lower Austria, Austria

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