• 2010 Lemken Compact Solitair 9/600

    No price - Maschinencenter Sevelen AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: LEMKEN

    compact-solitair 9/600 kk row spacing 125mm two-row row of runners, extra charge 4x2 rows of trams, extra charge two - line air pressure brake system wheel size mm michelin headlights xenon hella t...

  • 1984 HDB / BRU SH15 BALE BREAKER B04/43850

    No price - Roncq, France
    • Manufacturer: HDB / BRU

    1 hdb bale breaker, year 1984, feeding belt width 1, 50 m, length 8 m, connected to 1 bru shaker/scutcher type sh15, year 1990 +/-, with fans and filters

  • 2016 Quivogne SSDR S7/300

    $9,934 - Sommerein, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Quivogne
    • Working Width: 3.00 m

    description: the subsoiler ssdr s 7/300 ensures an intensive loosening of the deep soil layers and optimal crumbling and mixing of the upper floor. the aggressive position of the tines in the gro...