• Nugent Bale Grab

    No price - Galway, Ireland Recently Added

      the nugent bale grab is of robust construction throughout and is equipped to carry even the largest of bales. • for fast efficient movement of bales • two hydraulic arms that open out • ability to ...

    • Unigrip Bale Grab

      No price - Galway, Ireland Recently Added

        unigrip has well proven design and a low net weight. the implement arms distribute the pressure evenly over a large area, and this ensures careful handling of the bales. unigrip gripping arms are m...

      • Rossmore Hydraulic Bale Grab

        No price - Galway, Ireland Recently Added

          strong and robust in the design, the rossmore hydraulic bale grab gently handles round bales without damaging them by use of two carefully designed soft hands. the hands are controlled hydraulicall...

        • Flexigrip Bale Grab

          No price - Galway, Ireland Recently Added

            storing bales upright on top of each other reduces the risk of air and moisture entering the bales. the implement arms are mounted on heavy duty hinges that have replaceable bushings. you can lock ...

          • Prodig Bale Grab

            No price - Carlow, Ireland Recently Added

              prodig attachments hydraulic bale grab/soft hands. hydraulic bale grab for quick and efficient moving and stacking of round and square bales. can carry 2 round bales or square bales up to 1.8m....

            • Cook T180 Bale Grab

              No price - Insch, United Kingdom

                sn; 128 can be viewed at head office, insch

              • Flat 8 Square Bale Grab - Choice of 6

                No price - Roscommon, Ireland Recently Added

                  flat 8 bale grab, square bale grab for full stock listings regan tractor sales, frenchpark, co. roscommon for sales & service call tom regan 0872529056 large selection of farm machinery...

                • Browns Flat Eight Bale Grab

                  $1,218 - Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
                  • Manufacturer: Browns

                  engine hours: -- | horsepower / hp: --

                • Rebel Equipment SMALL BALE GRAB

                  $2,980 - New South Wales, Australia Recently Added
                  • Manufacturer: Rebel Equipment

                  rebel ag equipment 15 bale small square bale grab side shift any hitch can be put on this unit to the end user

                • 2016 BZE ROUND BALE GRAB

                  $2,464 - Queensland, Australia
                  • Manufacturer: BZE

                  bze round bale grab. built light but strong, very clean design and simple. comes with rams and hoses. can fit mounts to suit your tractor.