$105,000 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Fast

    fast track horizontal band mill with infeed modified for optimum production. horizontal band saw motor 75 hp. bandwheels 36" with band saw dimensions 19' 11" x 5" bands. -- infeed; 2-strand deck; ...


    $69,500 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Fast

    fast track horizontal resaw system; 50 hp motor; coleman setworks w/ 5 adjustable settings; 17' x 5" band; variable speed controlled infeed; tire hold down system - air pressure regulated and adjus...

  • 2017 FORESTOR 750E Houtzagerij Bomenzaag lintzaag boomzaag zaagmachine

    No price - Menaldum, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: FORESTOR 750E Houtzagerij

    demo machines in stock! demo bdl forestor used solid tree saws horizontal band saw, tree saw or block band saw is a decent logs saw, tree saw. deaal for a sawmill. the horizontal band saw saws a...

  • 2003 SCHULTE HB 16 Horizontal bandsaw for exotic wood

    No price - Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Schulte

    horizontal log band saw schulte, type hb 16 manufacture year 2003 - exotic timber version - flywheels 1600 x 240 mm - full hydraulic log carriage 2dimg3rvr - 2 pre-edging units - excellent conditi...

  • 1998 LBL-BRENTA Spider 1260 / BE1400 Band saw line

    No price - Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: LBL-BRENTA

    lbl-brenta band saw line, type spider 1260 / be1400 manufacture year 1998 / 19.. the line is composed of: ibinja9 cross chain conveyor for logs 3 chains, length ca. 6 meters log loading device e...

  • PRIMULTINI SIB-1600-CFC Log bandsaw line

    No price - Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: PRIMULTINI

    primultini log bandsaw line, type sib-1600-cfc manufacture year in and outfeed mechanisation 2006 manufacture year bandsaw machine 1984 (modification in 2005) heavy duty cross chain transport fo...

  • 2003 Holzhauer Log Band Saw Horizontal Romania

    $17,792 - Bocșa, Romania
    • Manufacturer: Holzhauer

    buy horizontal bandsaw, holzhauer, model 2003 automated total length of 10 meters, with the possibility of tracatare, dt 90. it is in good condition. the price includes the loading dock - translate...

  • Terglav Log Band Saw Horizontal Romania

    $8,896 - Zetea, Romania
    • Manufacturer: Terglav

    terglav saw horizontal bandsaw - zage ptz-80 - 760x67 mm dimensions leaflets - 750 mm max diameter logs - engine him. principal 15 kw - hydraulic stretch canvas - device-cut cloth to clean the blad...

  • Puma Log Band Saw Horizontal Romania

    $2,264 - Budești, Romania
    • Manufacturer: PUMA

    basic puma it is in good condition. sawing logs up to 110 cm. line running from 8 meters., engine 11 kw, and adjustable automatic feed, automatic stop lifting share. other details to the phone! - t...

  • Band Saws Romania

    $18,870 - Târgu Mureș, Romania

      band, runway 6m, max. logs 1200mm, hydraulic system that acts an arm load logs, retaining clip logs, system of rotating the log, regulators horizontal position, in addition to the hydraulic system ...