• Turner 42" Resaw Twin Band

    No price - Portland, OR

      one (1) used turner 42” twin band resaw. two (2) 25 hp, 220-440-volt motors. variable-speed hydraulic feedroll drive. feedrolls open 8”-wide and will handle 12” stock under saw guides. 4-1/4”-wi...

    • Turner Model TBR-42 Ripsaw Twin Band

      No price - Portland, OR

        one (1) used turner model tbr-42 twin band ripsaw, with 42"-diameter wheels. 4-1/2"-wide wheel faces. two (2) powered 12"-long horizontal press rolls on 30" centers, two (2) powered 14"-long botto...

      • Turner 48" Resaw Band Twin Heavy Duty

        No price - Portland, OR

          one (1) used turner heavy duty 48” model ej-48 tandem twin band resaw with non-tilting feedrolls. two (2) 40 hp wheel drive motors. variable speed hydraulic feedroll drive motors (2) with control...

        • 1992 BTN Band turner

          No price - Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
          • Manufacturer: BTN

          band wender, btn, bj. 1992 bandwidth 20 cm, length 2.10 meters, height 1.17 meters, width 75 cm chrxh

        • ASA-Lift LV-12 Onion turner

          $4,915 - GVS Agrar Ins AG, Switzerland
          • Manufacturer: ASA-Lift

          onion turning machine for three-point cultivation, 80cm wide rubber band and foam roll at the front, height-adjustable support wheels, collective equipment at the rear, drive via hydromotor

        • 2015 MWT Lettershopsysteme GmbH Octoflip 1200 Band turner

          No price - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
          • Manufacturer: MWT Lettershopsysteme GmbH

          band turner to rotate longitudinally formats to b4 max. thickness of the product 12 mm speed ​​infinitely variable height adjustment cg0op

        • Primultini 1100 vertical log band saw

          No price - Bibbiena, Italy
          • Manufacturer: Primultini

          installation primultini 1100 right sense/clockwise rotation logbandsaw “primultini ” squarred carter -diameter fly-wheel mm 1100 -flywheel face mm 90 -max width of blade mm 100 -electric blade-gui...


          $105,000 - United States
          • Manufacturer: Fast

          fast track horizontal band mill with infeed modified for optimum production. horizontal band saw motor 75 hp. bandwheels 36" with band saw dimensions 19' 11" x 5" bands. -- infeed; 2-strand deck; ...

        • 1998 LBL-BRENTA Spider 1260 / BE1400 Band saw line

          No price - Netherlands
          • Manufacturer: LBL-BRENTA

          lbl-brenta band saw line, type spider 1260 / be1400 manufacture year 1998 / 19.. the line is composed of: cross chain conveyor for logs 3 chains, length ca. 6 meters log loading device equipped ...


          $69,500 - United States
          • Manufacturer: Fast

          fast track horizontal resaw system; 50 hp motor; coleman setworks w/ 5 adjustable settings; 17' x 5" band; variable speed controlled infeed; tire hold down system - air pressure regulated and adjus...