• Batch Emulsifiers

    No price - Sydney, Australia Recently Added

      emulsifiers are very effective where a high shear is required in the manufacture of emulsions or colloid dispersions. thorough and efficient emulsification is achieved by fast mechanical and hydrau...

    • Mixer / Emulsifier

      No price - Auckland, New Zealand Recently Added

        the new assetpack emulsifier high shear batch mixer, stainless steel, 7.5kw, 2800rpm, 3 ph. used in the food and chemical industries for dispersement of products into liquids. other units are avail...

      • Bowden CRB-3SM-V-300 295677

        No price - Longmont, CO, USA

          bowden, crb-3sm-v-300, basket type, 1995, plc controls, ultrasonics, gas fired d rotating basket type washer equipped with split-matic oil/dtergent, de-emulsifier, add-on plc controls misc. baskets...

        • Ross Mill Colloid 101 5C6805

          No price - Carol Stream, IL, USA Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: Ross

          batch mixer emulsifier with slotted head and optional down thrust propeller for high shear with excellent circulation. equipped with s/s contact parts, 1.5 hp / 3600 rpm drive, 4 gallon mix vessel ...

        • 1 HP Ross Model ME100LX Mixer Emulsifier #634-209848

          No price - Hainesport, NJ, USA
          • Manufacturer: Ross

          used ross model me100lx stainless steel mixer emulsifier. 1-20 liter batch capacity. 0-10,000 rpm. approximately 3″ diameter rotor x 19″ long. driven by 1 hp, 3 phase, 60 cycle, 230/460 volt, 3450 ...

        • ABB 150

          No price - Melbourne, Australia
          • Manufacturer: ABB

          stainless steel emulsifier, will suit up to 150l batch shaft length 450mm, shaft dia 100mm 1.5kw, 2900rpm, 415v suitable for emulsifying powders into liquids or liquids into liquids. unused condition.

        • Quick-Mix Liquidator

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            the flamingo quick-mix is very effective where the addition of solids is required. the process involves the simple addition of powders to a continuous liquid stream. the introduction of the powder ...