• 2700 Gallon Vertical Stainless Steel Mixing Tank

    No price - Hickory, NC, USA

      stainless steel construction, last used december 15th, 2016 in production, top mounted agitator, dome top/dish bottom, last used in beverage facility

    • Cherry Burrell 7500 TGR Homogenizer

      No price - Hickory, NC, USA
      • Manufacturer: Cherry Burrell

      stainless steel construction, last used in a hot fill processing plant, in production till december 15th, 2016, max 5800 gallons capacity, operating max pressure 1900, motor size is 150hp

    • Sentry Grip Rinse Gripper Rinser

      No price - Hickory, NC, USA
      • Manufacturer: Sentry

      d style soft touch gripper bubbles, stainless steel hp1873 rexnord chain, water rinser, stainless steel construction, ran 300ml ,450ml, 473ml, 500ml, 591ml at 400 bpm, infeed/discharge elevation of...

    • US Filter MK-90 Reverse Osmosis System

      No price - Hickory, NC, USA
      • Manufacturer: US Filter

      6 membrane system, last supporting beverage plant running 90 gallons/minute, high pressure pump and pre filters included, control panel with associated valves & pipes, pretreatment filters include...

    • Haselden 600 Gallons Tanks

      No price - Hickory, NC, USA
      • Manufacturer: Haselden

      600 gallon stainless steel tank – dome top/dish bottom mounted on stainless steel skid with waukesha 130 positive displacement pump, ss control panel with allen bradley slc 5/04 plc with panel view...

    • Plusieurs-Various Beverage #3918

      No price - New York, NY, USA
      • Manufacturer: Plusieurs-Various

      complete filling line for 2 liter size. includes depalletizer, accumulation table, rinser, filler, carbo cooler, secondary rinser, 2 coding units, an accumulation table, labeller, 2 case washer uni...

    • PET ESL-Filling line for Still and Carbonated Beverages

      No price - Blackburn, United Kingdom
      • Manufacturer: STILL

      pet esl-bottling line for still and carbonated beverages (up tos 8 g co2/l), year 2000 – 2010 bottle sizes : 0.5l, 1.0l, 1.25l and 1.5l closure : pco 28 mm-flatcap and sportscap maximum output ca...

    • Filling line for Non-Carbonated and Carbonated Beverages

      No price - Blackburn, United Kingdom

        filling line for non-carbonated, csd, syrups and beverages with pieces of fruit, year 2000 output capacity: – 1,500 bph @ 2.0l – 2,600 bph @ 0.5l – max. 3,000 bph composed of : * ave monobloc (rins...

      • 2013 MAN TGX 26.440 6X2 2 LL Beverage

        $49,812 - Nuremberg, Germany
        • Manufacturer: MAN
        • Model: TGX 26440 6X2 2 LL
        • Mileage: 419.972 km

        abs, air conditioning, cruise control, differential lock, low noise, onboard computer, parking heater, traction control, trailer coupling

      • 2013 Mercedes-Benz Actros 2532 L 6x2/4 Koffer LBW Beverage

        $63,836 - Neuenhagen, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
        • Mileage: 134.350 km

        abs, air conditioning, tail-lift, trailer coupling