$9,500 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Advent

    simple dual platens design, in lieu of dozens of heated rollers, thus permitting versatility to produce "special" jobs on glossy or coated stocks and quick turnaround for full body printed jobs. th...

  • 2001 EP680 Muller Martini Diamant Perfect Binder

    No price - Elk Grove Village, IL
    • Manufacturer: Muller Martini

    high speed perfect binder features: specifications: - central control table with measuring device and computer - extended infeed with pre-heater - infeed into the compact flow line - rounding and b...

  • KOLBUS Hardcover Book Line

    No price - Elk Grove Village, IL
    • Manufacturer: Kolbus
    • Max Size: 420mm x 594mm

    420mm x 594mm automatic hardcover book line features: • min size: 105mm x 148mm • max size: 420mm x 594mm • kolbus md trimmer 155, 1983 • kolbus rb 233, 1980 • kolbus bf 633, 1980 • kolbus fsk 040,...

  • 2005 Muller Martini Acoro 5 Book Binding Line

    No price - Elk Grove Village, IL
    • Manufacturer: Muller Martini

    perfect binder with (12) pocket feeders features: production hours: approx. 6,900 specifications: gatherer 1571 w/ (12) feeders: (1) manual feeder (6) double feeders vta 100 vaccum pump transfer un...

  • 1988 Vario S Wohlenberg Perfect Binder

    No price - Elk Grove Village, IL
    • Manufacturer: Wohlenberg
    • Max Size: 305mm x 460mm

    305mm x 460mm automatic prefect binding line features: max size: 305mm x 460mm min size: 105mm x 140mm max thickness: 60mm min thickness: 2mm max open size: 655mm x 470mm min open size: 210mm x 140...

  • Wohlenberg 44FM50

    No price - United States
    • Manufacturer: Wohlenberg

    wohlenberg 44fm50 3-knife trimmer in-line or off-line operation 1.5 meter in-feed conveyor 20-50 books per minute extra knives cassettes manuals

  • 1987 Muller Martini 321 Stitching Line

    $14,500 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Muller Martini

    muller martini 321 includes: 6 pocket 1503 feeder 1529 cover feeder 321 stitcher 890 3-knife trimmer waste removal machine has always been kept in good running condition, new becker pump install 20...

  • 2007 Setmasters 10 station SRA4

    No price - United States
    • Manufacturer: Setmasters

    10 station sra4 25 x 35cm maximum format (10 x 14"), currently in the usa and can be purchased directly from site and we will add a 3 month warranty or, happy for the machine to be sent back to our...

  • Horizon Stitchliner 5500

    $123,265 - United States Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Horizon
    • Model: STITCHLINER 5500

    horizon stitchliner 5500 complete with 2ea. vac-100 towers, st-40 stacker, acf-30, spf-30, & hts-30. hohner heads(x2).


    No price - Nuremberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Tränklein

    equipped: manuel foot operation good condition | available: immediately