• Tecan GENios Basic FL Plate Reader

    • Manufacturer: Tecan

      features/specifications wavelength range: 340 - 700 nm standard excitation filters wavelength/band width: 360nm/35nm 485nm/20nm standard emission filters 465nm/35nm 535nm/25nm read mode: top and bottom (bottom fo...

      $10,495 (USD)
      Frederick, MD, USA
    • Luminex 100 Multiplexing Analyzer

      • Manufacturer: Luminex

        features/specifications multiplexing: up to 100 analyties per sample dynamic range (typical) read time: 96-well plate in = 45 min(up to 12,800)

        $14,995 (USD)
        Frederick, MD, USA
      • PerkinElmer 1470-020 Wallac Wizard Gamma Counter w/ Software

        • Manufacturer: Perkinelmer

          pre-owned and in working conditon last serviced dec 2016. not due for service until dec 2017 computer and cables included

          $15,000 (USD)
          Cary, NC, USA
        • Agilent 01867-201 Tube Sealer

          • Manufacturer: Agilent

            pre-owned and in working condition division: lab equipment | condition info: not specified

            $8,500 (USD)
            Cary, NC, USA
          • Molecular Devices SpectraMax M5 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

            • Manufacturer: Molecular Devices

              priced $21,995.00 molecular devices spectramax m5 multi-mode microplate reader internal part number 11864 instrument will come to you with a ...

              $21,995 (USD)
              Walpole, MA, USA
            • Bio-Rad, Luminex 200 BioRad Bio-Plex Flow Cytometer system w/Bio-Plex Manager 6.1

              • Manufacturer: Bio-Rad

                priced $11,995.00 biorad (luminex) bio-plex 200 flow cytometer system w/bio-plex manager 6.1 internal part number 10860 if you buy bio- ...

                $11,995 (USD)
                Walpole, MA, USA
              • Life Technologies Viia7 Real Time PCR System w/96 Well Block

                • Manufacturer: International

                  abi/life viia 7 qpcr system w/data station item is in excellent physical and working condition. includes: windows 7 pro data station w/sof ...

                  $20,000 (USD)
                  Tacoma, WA, USA
                • Applied Biosystems 7500 FAST Dx Real-Time PCR Instrument, with tower computer

                  • Manufacturer: Applied biosystems

                    the applied biosystems® 7500 fast dx real-time pcr instrument with sds software is a real-time nucleic acid amplification and five-color fluoresce ...

                    $26,500 (USD)
                    Skokie, IL, USA
                  • Nikon DIAPHOT-300 Research-Grade Biotech

                    • Manufacturer: Nikon

                      nikon diaphot-300 research-grade biotech inverted microscope nikon diaphot-300 inverted microscope is one of the top-line research-grade inverted microscope for biotech /life science uses. it consists of many opt...

                      $7,500 (USD)
                      United States
                    • ABI 310 Perkin Elmer/Applied Biosystem Prism Genetic Analyzer

                      • Manufacturer: Perkin elmer

                        the abi prism® 310 genetic analyzer is an automated single-capillary genetic analyzer designed for a wide range of sequencing and fragment analysi ...

                        $6,000 (USD)
                        Dallas, TX, USA

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