• Bio-Rad Laboratories BioPlex 200 System Imager BioRad

    $20,000 - Gainesville, FL, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Bio-Rad

    the bio-plex® 200 system is a suspension array system which offers protein and nucleic acid researchers a reliable multiplex assay solution t ... read more

  • New Brunswick Scientific Bioflo III Batch/Continuous Fermenter

    $4,900 - San Diego, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Eppendorf / New Brunswick Scientific

    benchtop platform versatile, sturdy design includes reaction vessel (volume: 3.5l) manual control

  • CEM Discover Microwave Synthesis System

    $4,450 - San Diego, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: CEM

    this cem discover microwave synthesis system is in excellent condition. the best-selling discover® line of microwave synthesis systems is built upon cem's focused™ microwave technology featuring a ...

  • Caliper Life Sciences Kinase Enzyme Desktop Profiler System

    $3,950 - San Diego, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Caliper Life Sciences

    desktop profiler provides targeted research laboratories with a simple, affordable system to rapidly profile compounds against a diverse kinase panel. profilerpro microplates are pre-loaded with ki...

  • CEM Voyager Stop-Flow Synthesizer

    $3,500 - San Diego, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: CEM

    cem voyager an efficient automated flow system. it has capacity of flow-enhanced handling. the stirring dynamic  ensures uniform mixing; with fast heating and cooling times. voyager stop-flow synth...

  • Personal Chemistry Smith Creator Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesizer

    $3,450 - San Diego, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Smith Creator

    this personal chemistry smith creator microwave assisted organic synthesizer is in excellent condition and comes with a biotage single reaction vessel synthesizer.

  • Synoptics ProtoCOL 90000 Colony Counter

    $3,450 - San Diego, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Synoptics

    protocol automated colony counters are equipped with a unique detection system, a powerful software and digital camera control as well as fluorescent illumination. protocol colony minimize the foot...

  • Applikon ADI-1035 Bio Console

    $2,450 - San Diego, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Applikon Biotechnology

    this applikon adi-1035 (adi1035) bio-reactor control console bio-console (bioconsole) is in excellent condition. optional adi 1030 controller available upon request.

  • Perkin Elmer ProXpress Proteomic 2D Imaging System

    $2,450 - San Diego, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Perkin elmer

    this perkin elmer proxpress proteomic 2d imaging system. system features include: multi-color: infinite sample wavelength selection in the vis and uv range; multi-color detection, 6-position fil...

  • Agilent G2938A 2100 Bioanalyzer DNA Chip Reader System

    $2,450 - San Diego, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    this agilent 2100 bioanalyzer dna chip reader system is in excellent condition.  the agilent 2100 bioanalyzer is a microfluidics-based platform for sizing, quantification and quality control of dna...