• Used 500 Cubic Foot Young Industries Stainless Steel Gravity Blending Silo Bin

    • Manufacturer: Young Industries, Inc.

      6' diameter x 17'-6" straight side (26' overall height)

      Millwood, WV, USA
    • 40 CUBIC FOOT Stainless Steel BLENDING / DRYING BIN

      • Manufacturer: Ward Tank Corporation

        built by ward tank corporation, charlotte, north carolina. stainless steel construction. 53-1/2" diameter with 82" straight side. cover is 1/2" thick stainless steel flanged/bolted. cover has one, 4" flang...

        Millwood, WV, USA

            59" dia. x 82" straight side length down to connecting flange.  8" straight side down from connecting flange to taper of cone area.  39" height from 21.25" outlet flange up to straight side of bin.  15.5" i.d. ou...

            Millwood, WV, USA
          • Egli Frozen Butter Shredder & Blending Plant #6750

            • Manufacturer: Egli

              this is an used egli frozen butter shredder & blending plant consisting of an egli frozen butter shredder, egli butter silo, egli butter pump & egli butter texturiser. this egli frozen butter shredder & blending ...

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              Lockerbie, United Kingdom

                  portable plants several models from 5 tph-1500 tph site specific plant arrangements push button or touch screen controls options: asphalt pump + meter, water pump meter, silo systems, feed hoppers, conveyors our ...

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                  County Dublin, Ireland
                • Vickers (Worssam) Z-Type Stainless Steel Butter Blending Plant #6105

                  • Manufacturer: Vickers

                    this is a used vickers (worssam london) z-type stainless steel butter blending plant (like vickers 'z' blender) which consists of a vicker's z blender, butter silo with twin screw feeder, hydraulic scissor lift, ...

                    No price
                    Lockerbie, United Kingdom
                  • Parallel-Flow PORTABLE Asphalt Plant #DMI-250

                    • Manufacturer: DMI

                      rb 250 parallel-flow completely portable asphalt plant 1 adm rb250 dryer and 8x16 control room adp-100 digital process blending computer drum-mixer portability control room portability rap collar 1 adm bhp585-9 p...

                      Selkirk, NY, USA
                    • ~40,000 Ltr Gjettermann & Nielson Sugar Dissolving System #6236

                      • Manufacturer: Gjettermann & Nielson Randers

                        this is an used ~40,000 ltr gjettermann & nielson sugar dissolving system which consists of a 40,000 ltr 316 grade stainless steel silo, centrifugal pump, control system & load cells, currently held in stock at l...

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                        Lockerbie, United Kingdom
                      • Filling installations

                        • Manufacturer: Eurolux

                          filling installations used machine cat no. 16-00195 system for finely sprit ( alcohol) manufacturing for whisky- production, power up to 1000 litre alcohol per (24 h)with approximately 60- 70 % distillation conti...

                        • WASHINGTON IRON WORKS 8 TPH MDF DOOR SKIN MFG. PLANT [PB-010395]

                          • Manufacturer: WASHINGTON IRON WORKS

                            mdf manufacturing facility designed around making thin door skins and will make board products as well. the plant is complete with few exceptions and boasts the following features and major components:this plant ...

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                            United States