$1,200 - Perth, Australia

    ruey bin machinery industry, blister packing machine 240volt with left and right controls , also comes with 8 blister packing moulds .

  • 1988 KALFASS KALLFASS ST 55-018 Skin-Blister-Packing Machine

    $2,834 - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Kallfass

    verpackungsmaschine kallfass schrumpf-tunnelofen type st 55-018 mit winkelschweissgerät am vorlauf leistung: 18 kw tunnelöffnung 550 mm breit - 180/360 mm hoch abkühlband mit gebläse großer aufgabe...

  • 2001 CAM MC Blister packer

    No price - West Moors, United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: CAM

    used! cam mc blister packer machine comes with one set of change parts. the machine is currently set up for alu/pvc blister packs machine is in excellent condition. blister packer can be retooled i...

  • 1996 Packaging Automation Blister machine

    No price - West Moors, United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: Packaging Automation

    used! packaging automation pa 236 serial number:1269236 blister machine. the pa 236 is an automatic, integral conveyor fed machine for heat sealing pre-cut lids to pre-formed trays and containers. ...

  • 2003 AL.MA. Blister Packaging Machine

    No price - Flint, United Kingdom

      outside dimensions (welding included) and inner dimensions of each single pack: outer: width 113mm, length 150mm, inner: width 103mm, length 140mm, depth 73mm max. packs/cycle: 3, advance pitch...

    • Farcon FP320 Blister machines

      No price - Germany
      • Manufacturer: Farcon

      blister machines farcon fp320 used machine farcon fp320 automatic blister packing machine for tablets, capsules, dragees etc.,maximum blister size 155 x 210mm, drawing depth max. 24mm. includes pro...

    • Famar RM150 Blister machines

      No price - Germany
      • Manufacturer: Famar

      blister machine good rm150 used machine labor rm 150 automatic blister packing machine for tablets, capsules, dragees etc., with brush box product feeder, vacuum dust extractor, product presence ...

    • Used- Pester Pac Automation Model 450/250 "PEWO-Pack" Automatic Stretch Bander, for carton multi-packing

      No price - Bensenville, IL
      • Manufacturer: Pester

      71321002 used- pester pac automation model 450/250 "pewo-pack" automatic stretch bander, for carton multi-packing. machine is capable of speeds up to 60 cycles (collations) per minute. has a maxim...

    • 2014 Pearson Packing System BF30

      $33,372 - United States
      • Manufacturer: Pearson Packing System

      we are selling 1 refurbished bliss former model bf30. the unit was refurbished by pearson packaging in 2014 and the buyer of the unit never installed the unit. included : operation manual hmi passw...

    • 1988 ILLIG SB 53 Foils packaging machine

      No price - Bavaria, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Illig

      1 films verackungs machine illig (skin-machine) cgyrw