• Stago TCoag Destiny Max Hemostasis Analyzer Coagulation Blood Clot testing

    $9,978 - Lima, OH

      phone: 1-567-221-0615 this tcoag destiny max was purchased in 2010 and only used for a few years before being sold in 2013, so it saw little use, and thus is in excellent condition. it comes with ...

    • Siemens Rapidlab 1240 Blood Gas Analyzer - 1200 Series

      $670 - Lima, OH
      • Manufacturer: Siemens

      phone: 1-567-221-0615 seimens rapidlab 1240 blood gas analyzer - 1200 series

    • Sysmex Blooad Analyzer CA-500 540 Series Lab Automated Blood Coagulation Diagnostic

      $380 - Lima, OH Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Sysmex

      phone: 1-567-221-0615 the sysmex® automated blood coagulation analyzer ca-500 series is a compact fully-automated instrument capable of 5-parameter random analysis for in vitro diagnostic use. thi...

    • Abaxis HM5C Hematology Analyzer Vetscan

      $6,995 - Stafford, VA
      • Manufacturer: Abaxis

      the vetscan hm5c is a fully-automated, five-part differential hematology analyzer displaying a comprehensive 22-parameter complete blood count (cbc) w ... read more

    • Vital Diagnostics Autoanalyzer-Eon 100 ELItechgroup Diagnositics Clinical Chemistry Assay Analyzer

      $8,330 - Lima, OH Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Vital Diagnostics

      phone: 1-567-221-0615 the vital diagnostics eon 100 chemistry analyzer is a bench-top assay processor that can run multiple bodily fluid samples using photometry and ion selective electrode (ise)....

    • Roche Cobas B221 System

      $1,499 - San Diego, CA
      • Manufacturer: Roche

      roche cobas b221 system202-9184-bsiinv item id: 2029184 | warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee

    • Roche Cobas B221 System

      $1,499 - San Diego, CA
      • Manufacturer: Roche

      includes box of misc accessories as pictured 202-9185-bsiinv

    • Beckman Coulter ACT 10 6706319

      No price - Golden Valley, MN
      • Manufacturer: Beckman coulter

      beckman coulter act-10 act 10 is an affordable and powerful hematology analyzer with whole blood and pre-dilute capabilities from beckman/coulter. beckman/coulter act 10 automated analyzer is inten...

    • Siemens - Rapidpoint 400/405 Blood Gas Analyzer

      $529 - Wendelstein, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Siemens

      blood gas analysis device siemens rapidpoint 400 / 405, software version: 3.9, touch screen, manual and accessories sales to our terms and conditions. errors and spelling mistakes possible, subject...

    • Siemens - Rapidlab 860 Blood Gas Analyzer

      $847 - Wendelstein, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Siemens

      blood gas analyzer rapid lab 860, built according to the previous owners: 2002, for the determination of ph, pco2, na +, k +, cl, ca ++, glucose and lactate from whole blood, cat: 475860 sales to o...