• Roche Cobas B221 System Blood Analyzer

    $1,499 - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: Roche

    roche cobas b221 system202-9184-bsiinv warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Stago TCoag Destiny Max Hemostasis Analyzer Coagulation Blood Clot testing

    $9,978 - Lima, OH

      phone: 1-567-221-0615 this tcoag destiny max was purchased in 2010 and only used for a few years before being sold in 2013, so it saw little use, and thus is in excellent condition. it comes with ...

    • Sysmex XP-300 Diagnostic Clinical Automated Hematology Blood Analyzer

      $5,810 - Lima, OH Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Sysmex

      phone: 1-567-221-0615 the xp-300 is an automated 3-part differential hematology analyzer – and a great choice for laboratories that need robust, reliable service and high-quality diagnostic result...

    • Moor Instruments LDI2-IR Laser Doppler Imager Cerebral Blood Flow LDI 2 MoorLDI Angio

      $9,780 - Lima, OH Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Moor Instruments

      phone: 1-567-221-0615 this moor instruments laser doppler imager is in very good cosmetic condition, with only very minor wear from normal use. this system was acquired from a uk pfizer facility t...

    • STRATEC Biomedical STRATEC Biomedical 4-plate System Analyzer

      No price - Midwest, USA
      • Manufacturer: STRATEC Biomedical

      stratec biomedical 4 plate system analyzer manufactuer: stratec biomedical systems ag, germany model/type: 6399 serial #: 9963990004 electrical: 230v 2a/50hz 115v/4a 60hz fuse 4.0at about stra...

    • Maquet CS-100 Datascope IABP Aortic Pump Counterpulsation w/ ECG Cable CS100

      $6,990 - Lima, OH
      • Manufacturer: Maquet

      phone: 1-567-221-0615 the cs100 intra-aortic balloon pump is intended to aid the heart pump blood by inflating and deflating a balloon catheter in the thoracic aorta. for severe cardiac emergencie...

    • Colin Prodigy II 2240 Vital Signs Monitor *Certified*

      $995 - San Diego, CA Recently Added

        the colin prodigy ii 2240 vital signs monitor is in excellent condition, and is certified to proper operating specifications. the system includes an adult reusable finger sensor, cuff with hose, an...

      • Multigon TOC Neurovision Transcranial Doppler *Certified*

        $10,995 - San Diego, CA

          the multigon toc neurovision transcranial doppler (tcd) includes the console, laptop, 4 mhz probe, travel case, and interconnecting cables. warranty: 90 day warranty. the toc neurovision is a p...

        • Human Med 500000-1 Cellulite Reduction

          $13,500 - Dallas, TX
          • Manufacturer: Human Med

          id# 2038 rare opportunity ! reduced pricing we have the humanmed body-jet / body jet(water-jet assisted liposuction) wal system available for quick sale. these systems have been pre-inspected and a...

        • Viora 2014 Reaction Laser Radio Frequency (rf)

          $23,500 - Dallas, TX
          • Manufacturer: Viora

          id# 1899 mfg.: viora medical model: reaction energy / source: bi-polar rf and vacuum therapy mfg. date: 2014 includes: handpieces (st / b-contour (body) / f-contour (face)), glycerin gel, footpe...