• 2004 Labtech Blow Moulding Machine

    $13,255 - Switzerland

      laboratory blow moulding machine to be connected to a 25mm extruder. incl. connector to extruder incl. blow mould for bottle

    • PET-Plants - Blow moulding machine, make

      No price - Geroda, Germany

        - blow moulding machine, make krones, type: contiform, for 18.000 bph, adjust to 1,5 lt. and 2,0 lt. bottles, built 1999, with preform pour out and feeding, preform-inspection, cooler, without comp...

      • 2004 Meccanoplastica MP2D Blow moulding machines

        No price - Austria
        • Manufacturer: Meccanoplastica

        blow moulding machines meccanoplastica mp2d used machine double station blow moulding machine with single, double, triple and quadruple form. this machine, which is very appreciated due to their sp...

      • EISA S1HD-L Blow moulding machine

        No price - Spain
          • Capacity: 5L

          ref 94p-13 e.i.s.a ref. pp-001 model s1hd-l blow moulding machine stations: 1 maximum capacity: 5l extruder: diam 80 - c.c motor head: 1 outlet thickness regulator: 20 points outlet organized die c...

        • 2002 Japan 200ton Blow moulding machines

          No price - Korea
          • Manufacturer: Japan

          blow moulding machines japan 200ton used machine blow molding machine make:placo(japan) year:2002 model: da120g/200/p3060/mc resin: hm-hdpe shaped products: panel shape size: width 1070mm x height ...

        • 2004 Labtech Laboratory blow moulding machine

          $13,255 - Römerswil, Switzerland
          • Manufacturer: Labtech

          labtech laboratory blow moulding machine used machine to connect to 25mm extruder incl. blow moulding mould for small bottle

        • 1986 Battenfeld-Fischer VK 1-5 Blow moulding machines

          No price - Germany
          • Manufacturer: Battenfeld

          blow moulding machines battenfeld-fischer vk 1-5 used machine single station machine up to 5 ltr volume with single head w. mueller type s 1/90 t with view stripe from the year 2012. extruder 60/20...


          No price - Spain
          • Manufacturer: SAFIMO
          • Capacity: 4 dm3 (3kg)

          ref. 66p15 safimo mod. sh-35 blow moulding equipment for containers up to 25 litres extruder mod.- e-100/z screw diameter: 100 mm screw length: l 20 d screw speed: 10-37 / 20-75 r.p.m extruder moto...

        • 2000 Kautex KBS 1-10/1300 Blow moulding machines

          No price - Germany
          • Manufacturer: Kautex

          blow moulding machines kautex kbs 1-10/1300 used machine single station machine with 6 - fold head 170 mm center to center. head of w. mueller type s 6/90-170 t year 2000. die up to 60 mm. extruder...


          No price - Spain
          • Manufacturer: SAFIMO
          • Capacity: from 75 up to 94 kg/h

          our ref. fm-185 safimo blow moulding machine extrusion group mod. ex-80-s - year 1983 extruder screw diam.: 80 mm., l20d. motor 35 hp, 380 v one spare screw pe plastifying capacity: from 75 up to 9...