• IWT Vacuum Dry Kiln

        iwt vacuum dry kiln. stainless steel, autoclave design, 42’ x 8’ x 8’ 15mbf capacity. completely self-contained kiln only requires hook-up to 480v 3ph power and water supply. ss cylinder was built longer to ac...

        No price
        Portland, OR, USA
      • 2000 NYLE 100 MBF DRY KILN [BD-010239]

        • Manufacturer: NYLE

          nyle steam heated kiln with the following features: -- 40 ft. x 80 ft. building for 100,000 and more bd ft. -- front loading with multiple doors. -- factory fans and vents. -- controls, and piping. -- approx...

          $65,500 (USD)
          United States
        • 2003 LAARS 2.0 MM BTU BOILER, GAS [BD-280309]

          • Manufacturer: LAARS

            laars gas fired boiler 2.009m btu output, 189 sq ft. heating area, model hh2450in18kcacjx --main unit pictured; tanks and other accessories included in the sale --max w.p water 160 psi --240 degrees max temp ...

            $21,995 (USD)
            United States
          • LAARs Gas-Fired Hot Water Boiling Sytem

            • Manufacturer: Laars

              max w.p water 160 psi   240 degrees max temp   189 sq ft heating surface   natural gas   2,450,000 btu/hr input   2,009,000 btu/hr output   maximum gas orifice size 19 dms   minimum input rate 735,000 btu/hr

              $19,950 (USD)
              United States
            • Laars Natural Gas Fired Boiler 2.009M BTU Output, 189 Sq Ft. Heating Area

              • Manufacturer: Other manufacturer

                upper midwest rigger: not required | year of man.: 2003

                $21,995 (USD)
                United States
              • 1989 2x firewood kilns Bollman whole factory

                • Manufacturer: Ludwig Bollman

                  this wholesale is for a complete factory of firewood with the capacity to process and dry 200pallets of 2mc/month: 1wood splitter 20 t ceccato vertical 2wood splitter 16t woddline horizontal 3kiln ludwig bollman ...

                  $36,281 (USD)
                • 2011 BARKER 600 HP BOILER, BIOMASS-FIRED [BD-280265]

                  • Manufacturer: Barker

                    barker boiler and fuel system built & tested in 2011 as a pilot unit. successful testing has been completed. this surplus equipment includes the following main features: -- combustion temp capability- 2,000 deg....

                    No price
                    United States
                  • 1994 HOPKINS VOLCANIC 150S BOILER, THERMAL OIL [BD-010238]

                    • Manufacturer: HOPKINS VOLCANIC

                      "hopkins volcanic" hot oil heater -- nominal rating 1.5 million btu/hour output. -- approximate surface area 166.6 sqft. -- 112.5 gpm, rated up to 399f, gas fired withburner, 20hp circulation pump and contorts...

                      $21,850 (USD)
                      United States
                    • 1965 KEELER 300 BHP BOILER, WOOD-FIRED [BD-010246]

                      • Manufacturer: KEELER

                        keeler 300 hp boiler with a maxiimum operating pressure of 200 psi. this wood-fired package boiler has been hydrostatically tested. despite its early beginnings, this is a fine unit in great condition!

                        $71,100 (USD)
                        United States
                      • 2011 HEIZA HW-FE-02/K BOILER, THERMAL OIL [BD-010218]

                        • Manufacturer: Fast

                          heiza - hw-fe-02/k, ...thermal oil boiler/heater."new, never used" heiza - hw-fe-02/k, ...thermal oil heater: 80 amps, 63 kw, max. 140ã‚â° c. -- capable of producing heating medium with rapid heat recovery to a ...

                          $14,500 (USD)
                          United States

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