$2,985 - Campbellfield, Australia
    • Manufacturer: AEW

    this bandsaw is in great working condition. it has come out of a working environment from a large supermarket chain.we have had it checked thoroughly by our electrician. stainless steel constructio...

  • 2002 APS Saw MK 1 Cold-meat slicing machines

    $16,599 - Israel
    • Manufacturer: APS

    cold-meat slicing machines aps saw mk 1 used machine aew delford systems apc saw+ (also known as the mk ii) applies all the benefits of vision technology to the cutting of bone-in and frozen produc...

  • Bizerba FK23 Carneoline

    No price - Berlin, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bizerba

    compact saw for sale from the counter or in the preparation room the carneoline fk23 is made entirely of stainless steel and completely processed to the highest quality. cutting and portionierarbe...

  • Bizerba FK32 Carneoline

    No price - Berlin, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bizerba

    flexible sawing system for industrial food production the carneoline fk32 is completely made of stainless steel and processed in the highest quality. depending on the production environment and th...

  • Kolbe K220

    No price - Berlin, Germany

      the table model k220 is ideal for small butchers and preparation rooms of supermarket branches. with this model cuts of fresh meat as well as small amounts of bone to be cut. optionally, the table ...

    • Kolbe K260

      No price - Berlin, Germany

        this machine is the smallest standsäge the product line. the saw is very compact and has a larger work table than the k220. due to the higher side passage, and the removable material pusher larger ...

      • Kolbe K330

        No price - Berlin, Germany

          the k330 is the entry-level model of the professional series of saws. the k330 is the entry-level model of the professional series of saws. it is best suited for cutting fresh and frozen tube bones...

        • Kolbe K330RS

          No price - Berlin, Germany

            due to the ball-bearing sliding table, this model allows a precise portioning of fresh and frozen leg slices, chops and other meat pieces. the k330rs is also ideally suited for cutting deep-frozen ...

          • Kolbe K430

            No price - Berlin, Germany

              the standsäge k430 is used in industry and large cutting plants and sb-packers. due to the optimal line speed, this model is ideal for the decomposition of large amounts of frozen and fresh section...

            • Kolbe K800

              No price - Berlin, Germany

                the k800 is used in the cutting industry and on slaughtering furnaces the preliminary saw is used for the large cutting of pig, beef and game. in the fish industry, this model is particularly suita...