• Manufacturer: PM

      finishing line for production of bank saving books / chequebook and more consisting of the following 2 machines: 1. line: gatherer-bobst, sewing unit, folding, cover feeder, cutting and ? 2. line, is for ma...

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      Lucerne, Switzerland
    • 1996 Kolbus BF 525 61982

      • Manufacturer: Kolbus

        preloading conveyorcopilot with monitorcasing in line for hard coverbook block infeedback roundin stationgluing unitribbon gluing unithead and tail bending unitcase bendertransfer into book pressing and joint for...

        Würzburg, Germany
      • 2008 Kolbus BF 512 71990

        • Manufacturer: Kolbus

          infeedconveyor with handfeedstationnipping press sigloch nh-4 synchronzizing conveyor es backgluing and backlining machine sigloch type bbl-31/endpapering station sigloch type vas with hotmelt premelter pm 45divi...

          Würzburg, Germany
        • 2007-2012 Horizon VAC 100 collator, stitcher - Brochure Production line

          • Manufacturer: Horizon

            horizon vac 100 collator 2 towers booklet maker 1. tower: horizon vac 100 2. tower: horizon vac 100c manufacturer: horizon type: vac 100 age: 2007, 2012 books/ hour: 4000 maximum sheet size: 350 x 500...

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          • 1994 Wohlenberg Vario S 26 perfect binder line

            • Manufacturer: Wohlenberg
            • Size: 46 x 31 cm (18 x 12 inch)

            wohlenberg vario s 26 perfect binding lineage: 1994equipped with: wohlenberg 370 gtaherer16 automatic stations gathering machine,handfeeding stationpumps26 clamps binderrouthening stationhotmelt spine glu station...

            Eastern Europe
          • 1986 Kolbus AR 70

            • Manufacturer: Kolbus

              free standing or in line max 70 cycles/min

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              Banbury, United Kingdom
            • 2006 Müller Martini Diamant 30

              • Manufacturer: Mueller

                equipped with: . basic book line rhe 321 amrys control panel with touch screen monitor extended infeed conveyor with preheater block position detection control starwheel feeder rounding and backing station gluing...

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                Schijndel, Netherlands
              • 1997 Stahl BL 500 Casing in Line

                • Manufacturer: Stahl
                • Size: 42 x 39 cm (16 x 15 inch)

                book production line for hard cover stahl vbf, type bl500year 1997consisting of:preloading conveyorpreheating unitcac, coscasing in line for hard coverbook block starfeederback rounding stationgauzing glueing uni...

                Eastern Europe
              • 2008 Volvo EC 240 CL TOP CONDITION, FULL OPTIONS

                • Manufacturer: Volvo
                • Hours: 11334 h

                perfect and full options; volvo ec 240 cl ! full options, original netherlands machine ! incl. positive air pressure cabin (overdrukcabine), auto lube (automatische smering), al hydraul lines and circuits, full s...

                Wijlre, Netherlands
              • 2001 Kolbus KM 472.A

                • Manufacturer: Kolbus
                • Model: KM 472A

                  book block automatic feeder to main channel setup element end sheet tipping unit transfer into the binder kolbua binder km472.a 21 clamps co-pilot main milling station first spine preparation unit hot melt spine ...

                  No price
                  Banbury, United Kingdom