• Fogg 28 Valve PET Filler with 10 Head Screw Capper 28 Valve Monoblock All S/S Rotary Bottle Filler/

    No price - Pennsylvania, United States Recently Added

      fogg 28 valve pet filler with 10 head screw capper 28 valve monoblock all s/s rotary bottle filler/capper with 10 station rotary capping head, system is originally designed to run gallons every va...

    • CROWN 28-6 UB.C.GG

      No price - Ball Ground, GA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Crown

      capable up to 200 bpm depending on bottle size, product and applications. 90 deg infeed & discharge orientation(bottle flow left to right and front to back). air requirements: 8 to 10 cfm at 75 to ...

    • 2001 NORLAND BF5000

      No price - Ball Ground, GA, USA
      • Manufacturer: NORLAND

      capable of filling up to 5000 bottles/hour (83 bpm) of 1/2 liter bottle, but varies depending upon bottle size and applications. feed water supply of greater than 50 gpm at 35 to 45 psi is required...

    • 1999 AVE (Horix) / Zalkin RAI-V 60-80-12 Rinser / Filler / Capper

      No price - Hickory, NC, USA
      • Manufacturer: AVE (Horix) / Zalkin

      ave 60 valve rotary inverted rinser with water, 80 valve filler, zalkin 12 head twin turret capping heads for plastic and ropp capps, runs 30×60 ropp, 36×52 ropp, filler has 14mm valves, pitch of m...

    • Goldsan 5 Gal Water Bottle Filler Xg-100 #15504

      No price - Marlboro Township, NJ, USA
      • Manufacturer: Goldsan 5 Gal Water Bottle Filler

      five gallon water bottle cleaner, filler and capper by goldsan, model xg-100, serial # 20 05102801. features all stainless steel construction with polished food grade finish, manufacturer rates at ...

    • 1996 FILLER SPECIALTIES 36-12

      No price - Ball Ground, GA, USA
      • Manufacturer: FILLER SPECIALTIES

      the filler has 36 valves with 12 head capper. filling speed varies depending on product and container. rated speed for filling water to 200ml bottle is 325 bottles per minute, to 500 ml bottle is 3...

    • CROWN 60-15

      No price - Ball Ground, GA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Crown

      used crown 60 valve beer filler with 15 head crowner. last running 12oz bottles. 3-3/16" valve pitch. bottle sizes: 6 oz. thru 16 oz. or 1/2 liter. bottle diameters: 2" to 3 3/16". bottle heights: ...

    • SEITZ RE 66/K12

      No price - Ball Ground, GA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Seitz

      monobloc sen combi re 66/k12 glass bottle filler and crowner set rated speed 420bpm, glass 330ml bottles 425bpm, 341ml bottles 380bpm, pitch is 95 mm or 3.750". to include: change parts, power: 575...

    • 1976 CROWN 60-12

      No price - Ball Ground, GA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Crown

      60 valve quart pitch filler. last running 20oz through 12oz bottles at speeds up to 600 bpm. capable of running bottles 2" to 3 7/8" in diameter x 6 1/2" to 13 1/2" tall. includes dual level infeed...

    • MEYER 40-0

      No price - Ball Ground, GA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Meyer

      40 valve bottle filler most recently used to fill 2.0l pet straightwall bottles. new in crate 1.5l change parts also available. valve pitch: 5-1/8". distance between the neck holder and the base pl...