• Bottle washing machine Klinger

    No price - Burgwald, Germany

      with 20 bottles/row 0,5 ltr. cell complete stainless steel siemens s5 control

    • 1986 Seitz 12/11-1

      No price - Burgwald, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Seitz

      bottle washing machine seitz cerma ref #: 0494 | capacity: until 4.400 b/h | water bath: stainless steel | bottle sizes: 0,2 - 1,0 ltr. bottles

    • 1991 Klinger

      No price - Burgwald, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Klinger

      bottle washing machine klinger stainless steel with 16 bottles / row with pre soaking with label extraction

    • 1995 MAG Schymanski SIRIO 7/14

      No price - Burgwald, Germany
      • Manufacturer: MAG Schymanski

      bottle washing machine mag schymanski with 14 bottles in a row heating system with steam incl. pre-soaking system in production until calender week 50 in 2016 can be inspected on side during produc...

    • 1993 Gera Maschinenbau Arcade DS02/110/12

      No price - Burgwald, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Gera Maschinenbau

      bottle washing machine gera with 12 bottles in the row with siemens s5 control complete stainless steel machine with pre-soaking, automatic lable removal system and double cautic bath

    • 1981 Seitz CERMA Bottle cleaning machines

      No price - Germany
      • Manufacturer: Seitz

      bottle cleaning machines seitz cerma used machine sold is a 16-digit bottle washing machine seitz - cerma'c in 1981. the machine was 2007 completely overhauled and was in use by 2010. performance: ...

    • 2000 KHS Innoclean EE52/87 S22N 4352016

      No price - Helsinki, Finland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: KHS

      bottle washing machine khs innoclean ee52/87 s22n, 70 000 bph single end bottle washing machine by khs innoclean, manufactured in year 2000 with two pre-cleaning section, two caustic zones and thre...

    • 1984 SEN Riwella VB 18/17-2 Bottle cleaning machines

      $30,164 - Germany
      • Manufacturer: SEN

      bottle cleaning machines sen riwella vb 18/17-2 used machine bottle washing machine is sold by sen including turntable belts, motors, kondensrückführung, capsule scrapers (sick flott 12000), polo f...

    • Bottlewasher Bottle washing machine, make Klinger,

      No price - Geroda, Germany

        bottle washing machine, make klinger, type: serpende 10/0,5/70, for : 3.000 - 5.500 bph, 10 bottles/row, for bottles with Ø: 50-80 mm and height: 100-250 mm, complete in stainless steel, steam heat...

      • 1991 PAC

        No price - Burgwald, Germany
        • Manufacturer: PAC

        bottle washing machine swiss pac complete reconditioned in 2001 from original manufacturer (incl. new main chain, new pumps and new baskets) since 2001 the machine has approx. 3.500 working hours w...