• 1999 Procomac Gripstar P6162 Bottle cleaning machines

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Procomac

    bottle cleaning machines procomac gripstar p6162 used machine rinser procomac gripstar p6162 incl. ozone generator ozonsteril p6164 of wine bottling plant

  • 2005 Alfa Laval, A&B Process Pasteurization Skid Pasteurizer

    No price - Hickory, NC
    • Manufacturer: Alfa laval

    all skid mounted – stainless steel, designed and integrated by a&b process systems, alfa laval plate and frame heat exchanger, cooling loops, hot water set, a&b process balance tank, valves, flow m...

  • Used- Water Bottling Plant, 18.9L, 11L, and 4L Bottles. Plant consists of: 1 x 4 bottle filler with conveyor

    No price - Bensenville, IL

      71634001 used- water bottling plant, 18.9l, 11l, and 4l bottles. plant consists of: 1 x 4 bottle filler with conveyor. (1) bottle water cooler type washer with ozonator. (1) ozonator, (1) oxygen ge...

    • 1999 Douglas SR7-1224 Multi Wrap Shrink Wrapper Bundler

      No price - Hickory, NC
      • Manufacturer: Douglas

      uses film only – no tray, last packing 6 packs and 12 packs water bottles from 12oz to 1l with print registered film, allen bradley slc 5/04 controls, 40 ft. total length, speeds up to 70 cycles/mi...

    • 1988 TLG VF-15

      $8,361 - Mosbach, Germany
      • Manufacturer: TLG

      tlg vf-15 used machine a pcs is sold with 15 filling valves filler. machine comes from a wine bottling plant. power adjustable: 1,000-6,000 bottles / hour depending on the execution. format sets fo...

    • WARIOFIL Packaging facilities

      No price - Winzenburg, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: WARIOFIL

      packaging facilities wariofil used machine 1 wariofil needed complete, semi-automatic bottling plant, for ca. 100 g to 1.5 kg, each produktabhänig using multiple discharges also 2 kg, 3 kg, etc. e...

    • Video Jet Excel 170i Ink Jet Coder

      No price - Hickory, NC
      • Manufacturer: JET Tools

      single head ink jet coder, 120-240 volts, stainless steel cabinet with stand, unit has been cleaned and flushed properly

    • Sidel CF 20/24 Cap Feeder Sorter

      No price - Hickory, NC
      • Manufacturer: Sidel

      last running 30mm plastic caps at hot fill juice plant, good condition, stainless steel construction, uses pleated belts to feed/sort the caps to the shute down to the capper, stainless steel contr...

    • 2000 Alfa Laval M10-MFG Chilling Skid

      No price - Hickory, NC
      • Manufacturer: Alfa laval

      includes 220 gallon stainless steel tank, (2) 5hp centrifugal pumps, alfa laval plate and frame heat exchanger and condensate return system, control panel with allen bradley vfd drives

    • 2003 Sidel SBO 20 Heat Tunnel

      No price - Hickory, NC
      • Manufacturer: Sidel

      last used in blow molding factory for pet bottles, good parts machines – not complete