• 2002 Taute AA5 Bottling plant with bag investors

    $3,370 - Beckeln, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Taute

    foil pouch packing line taute aa5-9 (without scale) model year 2002 + bag investors + bag turner + steep conveyor belt + palletizing shaft with mast + identical unit to the "cannibalize" with vario...

  • 1990 MASTERFILL S 250 A bottling plant

    $33,600 - Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany
    • Manufacturer: MASTERFILL

    masterfill filling with filling volume of 10 to 250 ml (doppeltacktung possible) consisting of : - 1 kammann bottle with sorting drum, type: 4,23,50 - 1 axmann conveyor - 1 masterfill filling sys...

  • Used- Water Bottling Plant, 18.9L, 11L, and 4L Bottles. Plant consists of: 1 x 4 bottle filler with conveyor

    No price - Bensenville, IL

      71634001 used- water bottling plant, 18.9l, 11l, and 4l bottles. plant consists of: 1 x 4 bottle filler with conveyor. (1) bottle water cooler type washer with ozonator. (1) ozonator, (1) oxygen ge...

    • PEK Container 20 ft Water Bottling Plant-PET stretch blow moulder incl.filler, capper, labeler

      No price - Germany

        complete mobile factory for drinking water filling in pet bottle installed in 20 ft container consisting of : 1 pc. pet stretch blow moulder "semi automatic", uv tunnel for disinfection of pet bott...

      • 1999 Procomac Gripstar P6162 Bottle cleaning machines

        No price - Germany
        • Manufacturer: Procomac

        bottle cleaning machines procomac gripstar p6162 used machine rinser procomac gripstar p6162 incl. ozone generator ozonsteril p6164 of wine bottling plant

      • 1992 KRONES VK2V 036 bottlers with Inspector

        No price - Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Krones

        bottling plant for swing top bottles the system consists of: krones counterpressure filler vk2v 036 (v) 09-104 - with control siemens s5 - without verschlieser inspector miho, type: david - year...

      • 1988 TLG VF-15

        $8,874 - Mosbach, Germany
        • Manufacturer: TLG

        tlg vf-15 used machine a pcs is sold with 15 filling valves filler. machine comes from a wine bottling plant. power adjustable: 1,000-6,000 bottles / hour depending on the execution. format sets fo...

      • 2014 fruittech Bag-in-box 2600 liters GmbH

        $10,435 - Riedau, Austria
        • Manufacturer: fruittech GmbH

        this bag-in-box fillers bib 2600 is a semi automatic bag-in-box fillers for the cold and hot filling of fruit juice and vegetable juice and cold bottling of wine, oil and most in 3, 5, 10, 20liter ...

      • bottling PET - Filling Line

        No price - Freising, Germany

          order: 200385cku (please always indicate) the capacity of the pet plant is 2.000 bottles/h for 500 ml, 2.000 bottles/h for 1.000 ml and 1.500 bottles/h for 1.500 ml. w ei en step han nachfolgend be...


          No price - Molina de Segura, Spain
          • Manufacturer: PROCOMAC

          procomac oozonator this product ozone generator applies a technique of cooling air instead of water, able to simplify the connection, installation, dismantling and operation and also help contain c...