• Langhout KVB40

    $2,104 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Langhout Máquinas

    langhout elevator / boxfiller. .with fallbreaker for filling potatoes and onions in bigboxes

  • Delignie boxfiller elevator

    $2,428 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Delignie machines

    delignie boxfiller / elevator fallbreaker adjustable speed

  • PET ESL-Filling line for Still and Carbonated Beverages

    No price - Blackburn, United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: STILL

    pet esl-bottling line for still and carbonated beverages (up tos 8 g co2/l), year 2000 – 2010 bottle sizes : 0.5l, 1.0l, 1.25l and 1.5l closure : pco 28 mm-flatcap and sportscap maximum output ca...

  • 2010 Aust-mech Automated grain packing system

    $67,836 - New South Wales, Australia
    • Manufacturer: Aust-mech

    an integrated and complete ground-mounted system for bulk grain packing at a distribution centre or point. system includes: aust-mech 14.2 x 9’ mobile tubeveyor ? tubeveyor complete with “s” drive,...