• Bread Slicing And Packing Line

    No price - Wisbech, United Kingdom Recently Added

      semi automated bread products slicing and packing machine dppl-40 is fully automatic bread slicing and packing machine, which was made for sustained and productive work. making this machine was inv...

    • GOUET Production line of pre-baked frozen breads

      No price - France Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: GOUET

      production line of pre-baked frozen breads gouet used machine *capacity: 2500 loaves per hour * adapted special breads

    • Bread King

      No price - Altenglan, Germany
      • Manufacturer: King

      it is a bread roll plant of the brand könig. the machine is 5-row with detachment for long and round buns. the machine is in very good condition

    • Bread slicer

      No price - Wisbech, United Kingdom Recently Added

        industrial specification the dovinia dp-4-2m benefits from - unique blade lubrication system does not create oil fog and pollute inside, but allows to slice even very sticky bread like rye or scald...

      • GOUET / MATAL Production line of raw pre-rised frozen breads

        No price - France Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: GOUET / MATAL

        production line of raw pre-raised frozen breads gouet / metal used machine * capacity: 5000 loaves per hour * fairly new automatic packaging

      • 2000 Rondo Doge Pastry Lamination line

        No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

          the rondo doge is an automatic lamination line that was manufacturing sheets of pastry, such as short bread and puff pastry.

        • 2015 Lippelt Mini Rustica GS bread roll

          No price - Babenhausen, Germany Recently Added

            head machine for square special buns model: mini-rustica gs year of construction: 2015 bread roll with guillotine and punching device inlet and discharge belt in extended version including 3 punchi...

          • 2004 ALPMA Cheese Cutting Line SC 150

            No price - Myre, Norway Recently Added

              man. year: 2004 condition: good, working sc 150 cutter is particularly compact and can feed products fully automatically to downstream line components. whatever size of segment you need, it will fi...

            • Line for ordinary bread Werner & Pfleiderer

              No price - Ústín, Czech Republic
              • Manufacturer: Werner & Pfleiderer

              continuous dough divider w & p multimatic mus-5 lines - capacity: 6000 pcs / h - weight range: 40 to 80 grams - digital control the line w & p super b - 5 lines - stamping station kaiserky - mount...

            • Production Line pastry shop, bakery, ready-made food

              $47,458 - Belchatow, Poland

                production line pastry shop, bakery, delicatessen meats   production line "lorenz" known throughout europe, the renowned polish company enigma. the line was purchased in 2012 as a brand new, first ...